Saturday, January 13, 2007

V.A. - Bouquet Of Steel , 1980 Shefield compilation

Another clssic DIY compilation this time from Shefield area. Realised through AARDVARK label in 1980,in virgin blue wax. Came with 24page mgazine about the Shieffield area scene(Def Leppard are mentioned there!). One of the top compilations of this period!

A1 Artery - The Slide

A2 B Troop - Peroxide Romance

A3 Comsat Angels- The Ju Ju Money
A4 Disease - Psychobin

A5 Flying Alphonso Brothers - Video Date
A6 I'm So Hollow - Touch

A7 Musical Janeens (And Other Party Games) - Glen Miller And His Contemporary Intimacies Meets The Musical Janeens Uptown With A Packet Of Jellies And A Caribbean Monolith
B1 Negatives - Was It The Night?

B2 Repulsive Alien - Say And Do
B3 Scarborough Antelopes - Here We Go In Indigo

B4 Shy Tots - Robot Maid
B5 Veiled Threat - Torch

B6 Vendino Pact - Secret Thinking
B7 De Tian - Chorale

B8 Y? - End Of Act One


Anonymous said...

Man, one of my favourite compilations!! Not all the tracks are great, but some are just awful: The version of Comsat Angels' Juju Money, Secret Thinking, Torch, Touch and some more. Thanks!!!!!!

fyresign said...

This was a superb era in Sheffield. Most of the tracks weren;t by the better bands though. As far as I remember, Marcus put this together, probably favouring bands in hs stable.
Cramped Legs, one of the bands mentioned in the booklet, was my cousin's band. John went on to another band after CL, Barretta... I think. My spelling could be crap though!
Several blogspots have EPs from varous bands who were around when this album came out. Worth searching for Geddes Axe, Overdrive and see what else you can find.

the saucer people said...

I was commenting to friends/fiends the other day or 't'uther day as we are talking about Sheffield, that it is our destiny to eventually have everyone we ever knew contacting us through Facebook. Likewise, it also seems that every album we loved but forgotten will eventually surface on a music blog. Not that I am complaining, this period in Sheffield was my musical awakening, getting the train when I was 12/13 from Chesterfield to see bands at the Leadmill, those were the days my friend....thanks for this, I am trawling through your back postings and I think I have died and gone to obscure vinyl heaven..everything is so bright...the colours...

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks!!!!