Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Cravats - Colossal Tunes Out , LPs, UK 1982

This is the 2nd LP by The Cravats (the most underrated punk group ever!).Anarcho-Jazz punk at it's best!


  1. Just read a bunch of interesting things about this band at Afterwards, I noted that, if I had any sense, works by this band would have already been on my wishlist. If... I had any sense.

  2. Yeah,great album I jave got maybe over 20 years on MC tape.Is possible send first one?
    Karlos,Czech Rep.

  3. hey! thanks for introducing me to the cravats! another great band that i'd never heard of.. just ordered their compilation cd from amazon... finding so much greaat stuff on your blog!!

  4. Hi, is there any chance you could re-up this album in higher bitrate? 160kb doesn't sound transparent

    Thanx, also for this SUPERB blog! I click the downloads at random and am learning wonderfull new (to me) music.

  5. Thanks!!! Fantastic Band Punk Alternative Evil Tuxedomoon!