Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mindbending weirdity from this New York crew that operated at a strange juncture between post-Residents wacky songform deformation and the Downtown NY cabaret-on-acid improv stylizations of Shelly Hirsch and David Weinstein's collaborations (with Hirsch actually appearing on three cuts here), made all the more curious due to the creative misapplications of slicked up DX-7 tonalities and Fairlight CMI primitive sampladelic tech thats lends the proceedings a vaguely Art Of Noise-y undertow which sounds absolutely alien in the context of such wayward compositional impulses. Absolutely stunning, commanding work.

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  1. Wow! I cant beleive you have this, or that i'm seeing this!
    I'm from New York, and remember seeing this group live in Manhattan many years ago. Thanks so much for this one! :)

  2. Wow! was my thought as well.
    I remember an older recording - I don't know, 1982 or 83 -
    it had one beautiful, melodic song, with some weird electronic goings-on underneath. Do you know if you have that?
    Thank you so much for this.

  3. the history of unheard music played in club moral on 5 dec 1985 and also had an exhibition/installation of drawings. plan to podcast all the live events some time too, but that will take some time....

  4. Good stuff as always! Fans of H.U.M might want to check out issue 9 of the audiozine Lo-Fi Confessional, which is dedicated exclusively to H.U.M. & has some live recordings, Franklin Lounge Labs jams, interviews, etc.

  5. This is where I really come from !
    And I love you for posting this album of HUM....
    I still have the vinyl jacket BUT the record disappeared...
    HORRIBLE FRUSTRATION for ten years almost (maybe more) and now I can listen it again....

    Great pleasure ! thank you SO MUCH !
    "Hold me down" "no, no, no, no" are marvelous tracks and this album is a piece of art - un chef d'oeuvre - it still have the genuine ingenuity of the time, an album out of age...

    I crossed the way of Shelley Hirsch at the time, still think she's a great singer...

    David Chazam

  6. I saw them in Manhattan many years ago too! Really great!