Friday, May 25, 2007

Lino Capra Vaccina-Antico Adagio,LP,1978,Italy

Lina 'Capra' Vaccina has studied percussions, piano and composition, and started his musical carrer with the band Aktuala, then he worked for Franco Battiato, along with he formed the short-living project 'Telaio Magnetico'; after those experiences he released an amazing album, 'antico adagio', before disappear until the 90s, when he started a new course of his musical production, a bit in new age style.
In the tradition of every social group, modal music has always represented the first degree of evolution in musical theory and practice as well as its final goal.In the western world some centuries of polyphony have created a current which has slowly grown to become incompatible with the modal rules of ancient music. In these days, when all noble traditions are dying, people are trying to recover the archaic modules of composition. In modal music there must be a drone given by the tonic note to that the audience can identify themselves with it and discover the indipendent harmony existing between this note and the relative second and third minor notes, fourth fifth sixth seventh minor notes. The sound can be of two kinds: anahata on ethereal sound, the music of the spheres which is not generated by a movement of the air but by the primary vibration that is the first expression of the relationship between the static principle and the dynamic one. This sound creates numerical models which are at the basis of the world of forms.In ancient Indian religions and the Mediterrean area, number five was the symbol of life and the pentatonic scale would represent the vital process, the continuity of the transcendent subtle physical being. The ahata sound is produced by a physical vibration and can be perceived by the human ear within a determined range of frequencies. It is the falling of the ethereal sound on the material world. It preserves the same formative numerical relationship of its immaterial origin and gives joy and pleasure to human beings. The sound of the spheres leads to Liberation, the physical sound gives pleasure (from Narada Purana). Modal art, both chromatic and musical, is a direct expression of the energy governing Nature. The knowledge of such rules leads the musician, as in the case of Lino Vaccina, to create works whose tradition goes back to the origins of ethnic groups, almost completely disappered by now, which hold the meaning of Absolute Knowledge. MAURO RADICE (from the back cover liner notes)
Excellent experimental/prog LP,with floating electronics and some ethnic touches(some may find some pre-new age hints too).
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  1. This is great!

  2. Riverman206 says:
    Great post! If you like the great Lino Capra Vaccina i can post two more fascinating records of this great Italian artist:

    In cammino tra sette cieli(1995) e

    Sulla Corda Di Luce (1998)

    Thanks Mutant Friends , you are really great !!

  3. Riverman206 says: All the Mutant People must to know two other eccellent and dreamies Vaccina works, like i promise above here:

    In cammino tra sette cieli(1995):

    Sulla Corda Di Luce (1998)

    I hope you enjoy these two gems.....

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