Sunday, May 6, 2007

PGR - Cyclone Par L'Immobile Habité,LP,1988.USA/France

As requested!One more gem!
Relesed in 1988 through Permis De Construire label.
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  1. Wow. You have more incredible music than I can even download, let alone listen to. Wow, again. Thanks to you and yours, very much. (Little request: got any Boy Dirt Car?)

  2. Hi to the wonderful mutant sounds,
    just wondering what happened to the promised re-upload of that Uppsala track?

  3. Thanks so much Mr. Mutant!

  4. This is it!: A REQUEST : ALAN WATTS - THIS IS IT. Thanks,thanks,thanks for everything! NATURE BOY

  5. i just discovered MUTANT SOUNDS and already i find PGR posted several times, among other amazing music. fantastic, i'm a fan!

  6. I see people are requesting many PGR, any chance of posting the "50 Years of Sunshine" discs you mentioned earlier?

    It almost seems presumptous to ask for something, you provide so many surprising gifts every day!