Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Roland Hollinger-Bardo Thodol,LP,1978,France

Excellent French LP of floating,spacey,creepy synth compositions.Some classical music stractures in the vein of Julverne can be found though,with excellent use of piano ,flute and violin.The title means "le livre tibétain des morts "(Tibetan book of the dead).Ripped by tape so got and could not find sleeve scans,any help is much appreciated!
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  1. Thanks for Hollinger's Bardo Thodol, a real beautiful cosmic meditative masterpiece!

  2. Roland Hollinger recorded several albums, among them:
    - orient occident (tape, 1978)
    - aurora (LP 1986, CD 1989 with bonus tracks)
    - like the ocean (CD 1990)
    from Synthesis

  3. Thanks you for this post.
    I did'nt know . A very good music for relaxation

  4. Cover art on discogs here: