Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Excellent and very obscure acid folk LP from Switzerland with prog /epic prog edges.Complex compositions,excellent guitar work and magnificent use of electronic elements,in some parts reminding early post Barret Pink Floyd.Highly recommended.Any further infos would be much appreciated.
get it here


  1. OK...I'm back after a grueling week, dire, the highlight of which was seeing and hanging out with the still astound P-Funk All Stars (guess you have to be correct)--their shows are still made for the warble and the acid jams still rival most anyone I've seen.

    But to the point. Someone somewhere here had mentioned The German Shepherds "Booty Jones" 7" and I was just wondering if they ever got that. Will be happy to oblige. Just leave a message.

  2. the website says 1977 and the actual files say 1971... which is it? either way, thanks!

  3. oh, the jpg of the album says '77! nevermind!

  4. Hi - thanx for this rare piece - do you have another rare Swiss gem: Plamp - Und Uberhaupt? :)

  5. Have a go here mate !