Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This 100 copy experimental compilation was intended for gig-only distribution, though a few ultimately leaked out to distributors. The known entities are the ones of most interest here, with a typically spectacular and lengthy keyed-into-the-cosmos shambolic trance outing (off the more energetic tip of their aesthetic) from Vibracathedral Orchestra being a decided high point. So too is Matthew Bower's contribution under his Sunroof! guise, a truly delirious escalating electronic vortex concocted out of the initially bucolically gorgeous and arcadian, while elsewhere, Birchville Cat Motel strap a vibrating harmonic hairball onto your temples until it's static electric charge nearly pulls the fillings loose from your teeth.

Track listing:

Benjamin Franklin-Baillti
Vibracathedral Orchestra-I Want My Kicks
Birchville Cat Motel-Our Ivory Duplex
Sunroof!-Spring Comes Early To The Commune
Kohn-Song For Leeds

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  1. Any chance this could be re loaded. I have been trying to get this on for ages. Thanks and keep up the great work.