Sunday, May 18, 2008

Space Art-Play Back,LP,1980,France

Space Art is a French band that was formed by two friends in Paris in 1977. The group consisted of Dominique Perrier on keyboards and Roger Rizzitelli on drums. Their first (self-titled) of three albums was released in the same year as Jean-Michel Jarre’s, “Oxygene.” Knowledgeable Jarre fans will recognize the names, because both went along on the 1981 China tour. Dominique Perrier has since played keyboards on most Jarre albums and live performances and is sometimes credited with artistic collaboration - small wonder, as their styles are very much compatible. But as this and the other albums show, Space Art is not a mere clone and has a distinctive style of its own. This is due in large part to the heavy drums very well employed by Roger Rizzitelli (highly inspired by bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Soft Machine, etc). It was all about experimenting with new sounds on new machines. They specialize in a certain set of highly tragic/dramatic chords. on their third LP they seem to appeal much the late 70s Kraftwerk sound ,providing a nice example of cosmic synth pop mixed with pseudo disco ,electronic games tunes and pure mid 70s space music.

As requested ,
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Anonymous said...

a truly great album, a lot better than onyx

bryan said...

sooooooo incredible!
just the sound i've been looking for.
does anyone know any other albums like this?!?

Anonymous said...

fovero to blog sou!!!

fabiochiusi said...

This is an amazing record, that sounds like an early version of Moon Safari but 16 years before it. I would sincerely like to thank you all, this is a great blog, one that spreads culture and invention.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

se efxaristo gia ola ta fovera,oi space art apisteytoi,exo ta dyo prohgoymena,episis bernard szajner,ilektronika genika,....otan eixes balei to nekropolis tou thanasi zlatanou mou prokalesate sok.........eixa na ton akouso apo ta 80s apo tis ekpobes tou zilou....oi tyndall episis.......prepei na sas vro otan anevo salonica.........nikos apo nea filadelfia

Gianni said...

track 6 & 1 are wonderfulll!!!

mezon said...

great album, "love machine" is a killer!.... quite different to the "trip in the center head" album.
much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

For Bryan and others: much similar to this, but even better is ZADRI & MO - EREBUS (with no less than Francoise Auger of Heldon fame at drums!). A synth-drum fest. Also (more a crossover of Space ARt and Heldon) the amazing OSE - ADONIA.

Cheers, Paolo

Anonymous said...

Great album!

Does anyone know where to find "Trip in the Center Head"


Anonymous said...


I used to have a few Space Art lps back in the 1980s when I was in school(high school) and I remember how good the stuff was. I was just getting into Equinoxe(yeah I am American!).Thanks for sharing this with us. There was a Mexican electronic musician who went by the name of Airwaves he released 2 cds in the 90s Ambient Tracks and Second Shift very cool retro electronic music with an ambient edge!A pity no one knows who he is...

Anonymous said...

onyx from the first space art is a classic nikos

Anonymous said...

Wild Willy Barrett & Two Names
Organic Bondage 1986
mp3 (320) - vinyl rip

Willy is probably best known for his work with maverick folk/punk poet John Otway.
Here he works with wood. Bigtime.
All the 'drums' are pieces of wood banged on other pieces of wood. His guitar still had gnarled
remnants of branches sticking out of it and he had a bizarre slide guitar contraption that made twanging ruler-on-a-desk type noises when levers were pulled.
The influences of punk/new wave can be heard & he also has an interesting take on the, then current, craze for Paul Hardcastle n-n-n-n-nineteen sampling.
No samples here though - this is completely organic!
As far as I know it has never had a CD release.
I have one of the original copies which came in a hand-carved wooden sleeve - I kid you not.
Willy is a fantastic craftsman & if you google his name you will find pictures of his creations.
Other activities include taking a saw to his guitar & playing slide with an egg.
The mysterious 'Two-Names' plays bass.
Some of the songs are weaker than others but you will never hear a more original album.


See willy doing it live:

JJ said...



Anonymous said...

thanx so much! so many treasures, so little time...

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog.
I have a request fpr some nice albums.
Check and see if you can provide these nice albums.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

Franco Fabbri(Italy)

Domestic Flight (1983)
Dorothea Raukes(Germany)

Deutsche Wertarbeit (1981)
Michel Moulinie (France)

1978 Chrysalide
Frédéric Mercier

1984 Music Band
1986 Aventure


I have some issues of Crohinga Well Magazine that I would very gladly scan for you. I guess you already have some, so please e-mail me the numbers what you already have (or those you're looking for) so that I only scan missing issues.
By the way, I like your blog very much...

Anonymous said...

Five "contributors" and no new posts in about 10 days? Dead blog? BTW, as everyone knows, there are really only two contributors to this blog anyway.

Anonymous said...

You guys have got to be starting to run thin on material to post. You hove posted very close to everything under the sun. I hope not though. I enjoy your blog alot. I wish some more minimal/synthy/electro/wave stuff could be found. That is always a joy. Best regards.


Anonymous said...

Are you Mutants okay? I think this is the longest drought in Mutant Sounds history. No problem though... gives me a chance to catch up and listen to everything!

Boris said...

Hey JJ,

would love to get the first album if you wouldn't mind putting it up.


JJ said... Enjoy!

Mr. Hunter J. Esq. said...

I've been listening to Play Back since it was originally posted here, and am pleased to find upon my return that recommendations and other Space Art albums are available in the comments!

Great band, amazing blog.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear that ZADRI & MO - EREBUS lp, sounds like it could be a scorcher!

Raph said...

I 'd like to get this Erebus lp as well, someone have it ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great stuff on your site.

Boonoonoonoos said...

wow- never heard something compareable with space art. especially the tune "welcome to love" blew my mind! synthastic masterpiece!!!

Andromeda said...

PLAY BACK is by far their best album!

Jarren said...


I heard Onyx many, many years ago and only found out the name of this band recently.

I am currently downloading the albums posted here, and judging by the comments I am in for a treat! :D

Thank you so much to the uploaders.

Anonymous said...

thx for the space art albums !!!
i only had the vinyl single of onyx

Anonymous said...

mp3s pop and crack like a mothefucker

BXS1001 said...

I was looking for "NOUS SAVEN TOUT" and for the MAXI LP "Simphonyx", based on Beethoven's music.

This are the only ones that I haven't find yet from Space Art?

Any idea where can I find?
You can write me to