Saturday, July 10, 2010


The prolific solo project of Finland's Jani Hirvonen (Hevoset, Aan, Last Night On Earth), Uton's atmospheric, textural and associational drifts display a real command of the power of subliminal suggestion, with Ground's Dream Cosmic Love in particular representing a real high water mark for Hirvonen's marginal musical campaign thus far; the liminal and muted sonic events here accruing like layers of silt and slowly mobilized by distant gusts of Alan Splet-like Eraserhead ambience. Cocoon yourself deep inside these amber-lit drifts of fibrous and dusty cellular flow and experience the siren song of Hirvonen's hypnogogic musical brilliance as the masterful atmospheres here slowly advance you though successive perceptual thresholds, each a rung deeper down the rabbit hole.

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Anonymous said...

your review is 100 percent bang on. this is beautiful