Monday, November 12, 2012


Wasting no time diving off the deep end of the pool, my second share from Japanese wild card keyboard provocateur and God Mountain label head Kamiyama (following my post of his "Nympho Has Some Great Elements" CD back in '08) blows into frame with a continent sized opening gambit;  a billowing, disembodied gaseous fug by the name of Metaphysic Part 1-4" that's shot through with tendrils of slithering Coil menace and Esplendor Geometrico factory floor ambience and curiously cross-hatched with skeins of loose-y goose-y Downtown NY fretless bass. It's a dissociative aesthetic that Kamiyama's trading in here and one in which he's more than willing to unmercifully dunk your head in a syrupy vat of bank commercial orchestral pre-set pablum as he is to situate you in vectors of claustrophobic weirdity. A head-scratcher to be sure…

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Anonymous said...

many thanks for this one! i dig hoppy, he's a true original!!