Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TAU-same, LP,1981,Germany

Very strange mellotron driven late kraut/progressive LP.Realised in Germany 1981.Very nice!
Any more infos will be much appreciated.


  1. Oh, this TAU record is really boring german prog rock - I would not label this as kraut - but I know in the 70ties every prog rock stuff from germany was called krautrock :-).

    anyway - I've noticed that Mr. Helge Scheider - one of the greates german comedians and musicans - played saxophon at one track. Helge Schneider come from Mühlheim/Ruhr and played in several projects at these times.
    He played with Bröselmaschine as far as I know. Maybe TAU came from the same region in west germany.


    best - marcus

  2. The first comment I saw is not
    really exciting but I'm happy
    to discover it,thanks for being

  3. I'd almost say this was more like demented cabaret. (Though definitely not without the prog weirdness going on.) The first song almost reminded me of Sparks!

  4. Barfuss, Michael - Tau / M. Barfuss (Verlag Pläne 88304, LP, Germany, 1981)


    Titel Tau / M. Barfuss
    Komponist(en) Barfuss, Michael
    Verlag/Firma Dortmund : Verlag Pläne
    Jahr [1983]
    Umfang 1 Schallpl. : 33 UpM ; 30 cm
    Inhalt Enth.: Willkommen. Der Traum. Todesfuge. Wenn die rote Sonne bei MacDonalds versinkt im Häusermeer. Eines Morgens, im April ... Gott. LSD.
    Interpret(en) Tau
    Anmerkungen Interpr.: Tau. - Aufn.: Stommeln, Dieter-Dierks-Studios, 1981. - P 1982.
    Bestellnummer(n) 88304
    Sachgruppe(n) 10b Popmusik