Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TAU-same, LP,1981,Germany

Very strange mellotron driven late kraut/progressive LP.Realised in Germany 1981.Very nice!
Any more infos will be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this TAU record is really boring german prog rock - I would not label this as kraut - but I know in the 70ties every prog rock stuff from germany was called krautrock :-).

anyway - I've noticed that Mr. Helge Scheider - one of the greates german comedians and musicans - played saxophon at one track. Helge Schneider come from Mühlheim/Ruhr and played in several projects at these times.
He played with Bröselmaschine as far as I know. Maybe TAU came from the same region in west germany.


best - marcus

Anonymous said...

The first comment I saw is not
really exciting but I'm happy
to discover it,thanks for being

mrsblucher said...

Barfuss, Michael - Tau / M. Barfuss (Verlag Pläne 88304, LP, Germany, 1981)


Titel Tau / M. Barfuss
Komponist(en) Barfuss, Michael
Verlag/Firma Dortmund : Verlag Pläne
Jahr [1983]
Umfang 1 Schallpl. : 33 UpM ; 30 cm
Inhalt Enth.: Willkommen. Der Traum. Todesfuge. Wenn die rote Sonne bei MacDonalds versinkt im Häusermeer. Eines Morgens, im April ... Gott. LSD.
Interpret(en) Tau
Anmerkungen Interpr.: Tau. - Aufn.: Stommeln, Dieter-Dierks-Studios, 1981. - P 1982.
Bestellnummer(n) 88304
Sachgruppe(n) 10b Popmusik