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Sorry for the prolonged delay on my end in getting new posts up. These last few weeks have largely been hell on wheels and it's really undermined my ability to get things posted. A new round from me will most likely be up circa Sunday or Monday...

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Crawling Chaos-The Big C,1983,LP,UK

As promised ,the wonderful Gas Chair follow up.

band had this link immediately pulled via rapidshare

Crawling Chaos-Waqqaz,1985,LP,UK

No need for introduction here.This is the 3rd LP by this great UK post punk outfit. Their 2nd LP "the Big C" coming later today.

note: band had this link immediately pulled via rapidshare

TV Sex Star -st.,1" mini LP,1981,USA

Excellent NY synth punk band. Released only this mini LP as far as i know. Devo-ish synth tunes, somtimes also reminding Screamers. Very recomented!

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Patrik Fitzgerald - Gifts And Telegrams,LP,1982+Tonight,12" e.p.,1980,UK

Here are 2 great records of UKs punk poet Patrik Fitzgerald.While "Tonight" is a guitar driven anthem-like poetic punk record(reminding early Astronauts ) the "Gifts and Telegrams " LP is touching the edges of dark minimal synth wave.Both are great and among my fav records from the early 80s.
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Human Host - Invisible Arteries,CD,2004,USA

Exceptional synth band from the US,combining synth punk,psych and sometimes folk!One of the best recordings of the recent past! Visit their web site.

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VA-Zwei Hemden und Zwei Hosen 1-5,7" e.p.s,2003-2006,Germany

Wonderful limited 7" compilation series released by Kernkrach label in redicolously limited editions ,and of course long ago sold out! Presented here are the most promising current minimal synth/synth wave German bands .The great early 80s Gearman teutonic electronics tradition continues!
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System Lilliput - Harpa,tape,1984,Norway

Although posted elsewhere about a year ago,i couldn't resist reposting this little gem from Norway.Excellent dark post punk ,with great guitarworkby this one man project. Reminding early Fra Lippo Lippi, Sad Lovers and Giants,etc.


Zom Zoms - Lumboba's Tube,CDr,2003,USA

Zom Philmapster and Zoms Frenchman have been living and making music together for the past 7 years. Zom, a retired encyclopedia salesman, met Zoms when he took a job as a pizza delivery driver. Obsessed with the similarity of their first names, the two became fast friends and soon discovered their common love for the musical arts. Moving in together was a logical choice and it allowed Zom and Zoms to dedicate themselves almost exclusively to music (and delivering pizza, which they now do freelance). The results of the move-in lie within the first Zom Zoms CD, "Lumboba's Tube" , which compiles the duo's songs from 6 years of four-track tapes. The record deal with Instincto was arranged by Zom's cousin, Philip Philmapster, who became their manager soon after receiving a Zom Zoms cassette by accident. Zom and Zoms moved to Tuba City, Arizona (a place they consider home) for a year following the release of "Lumboba's Tube" to avoid the cult-following generated by the album. In December '03 however, Zom and Zoms moved back to Austin in response to Phil's pleading. Philip joined the band for its live performances and plays synthesizers on its recordings. Seth Nemec (of Nemec's LA Pizza fame) joined the group in 2005 on synthesizers. Zom Zoms have toured most of the USA (sorry North Dakota). They performed at the SXSW and CMJ music festivals in 2005 and 2006. They were banned from Canada for one year in 2005. Oh, and they broke up in December '06.
(From Zom Zoms myspace webpage)
Ingredibly weird electronic band from Austin Texas,combining Devo-ish freaked out electronic pop ,Negativeland weirdness and even Residents cartoonish experiments.HIGHLY RECOMMENTED!!!!!!!!!!!
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VA- Somewhere Outside-Etellerandetstedudenfor,2ble LP , 1983, Denmark

Legendary compilation from the Irmgardz label,combining minimal synth,post punk and punk DIY band from Denmark.Most known are Moral(check other posts of their tapes ages ago ).

A1 Moral Frosty Nights
A2 Moral The Average Life
A3 Moral Whispering Sons
A4 Inspiration For Scanners Grad I Krogene
A5 Inspiration For Scanners Selvlysende Born
A6 Inspiration For Scanners Metalkvaern A7 Inspiration For Scanners Smukke Unge Maend
A8 Inspiration For Scanners 7 X Ve
B1 Escape Artists The Pain
B2 Escape Artists The Voice
B3 Escape Artists The Loneliness
B4 Crap Fight Consciption
B5 Crap Social Eye
B6 Crap Romance
C1 Naeste Uges TV Hvide Flag
C2 Naeste Uges TV Aerlige Brugte
C3 Naeste Uges TV Island
C4 Tristan T Udsalgsengle
C5 Tristan T Isolde
C6 Tristan T Nordlys
D1 World In Motion Sonntag D2 World In Motion Senseless
D3 World In Motion Subject
D4 Poets Of The Signature Mein Messerschmidt Ist Tot
D5 Poets Of The Signature Dont Jerk It In Your Food
D6 Poets Of The Signature Attack On The Beaches
D7 De Tilfaeldige FRa Igar De Forbudte 8:30
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All Cats Are Grey-Chance,1981+Over The Edge,1983,tapes,UK

Ok,here we got 2 tapes by the band All Cats Are Grey. And just tell me what else could you except than a heavilly Cure inspired band(better say a Cure clone). Nothing that special but enjoyable.
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Reasonable Strollers-Secure,tape ,1984,UK

Here's another tape from the early 80s great UK DIY scene. Excellent funk-punkish tape,reminding much Entertainment era Gang of 4 ,Pop Group and James White extremities, but with a remarkable individuality.Connections with Three Times A Day and Glyph bros.

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Brian Aspro-Music For BBC2 Documentaries,tape,198?,UK

Really great synth tape by a guy ,here called Brian Aspro, deeply involved with the electronic culture of the 80s,sometimes under the moniker "idid idid"(anyone got anything by them?) and lately appeared under the moniker The Beatless(if i'm not mistaken). Dark spacey excurtions ,sometimes touching experimental edges reminding early Robert Rental.Thomas Leer and of course Collin Potter !Any more info will be much appreciated.

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Skating for Cover-Rituals,tape,1983,UK

Here's a great and totally unknown release from Skating for Cover (a band known(?!) from the legendary Rumponia compilation from 1982(soon to appear here)). Great synth driven post punk with female vocals,Cure/Joy Division inspired bass lines,much reminding early Sad Lovers and Giants (albeit with female singer). Possibly this will soon appear to every minimal synth collector wants list!
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The Chemistry Set-st,tape,1987,UK

Something different now. Chemistry set was one of the most promising UK neo-psych bands, and this is their first and possibly finest release on Acid Tapes(a subsidary of Imaginary records).Great Syd Barret,Beatles influenced psychedelic tunes all through. Lysergic vibrations for mushroom eaters!

get it here

Rick Crane - Kolyma,tape,1983,UK

Following my previous posts of Rick Crane's tapes ,here's another one ,on the ifluential ICR label.
An excellent soundtrack for a space trip ,in the ICR way,sometimes dark,sometimes shiny but overall wonderful.

get it here

Steve Austin-Music From The Withered Orange Tree,tape,198?,UK

Here's another great tape from the early-mid 80s UK electronic scene.Much reminding mid 70s Tangerine Dream explorations,Ian Boddy and early Collin Potter recordings.Unfortunatelly no other infos are available.

get it here

Half Church -In turmoil, 12" mini LP,1981,USA

Here's another repost from the wonderful Bimble's Windy Weather blog. Great UK sounding ,US post punk, reminding early Killing Joke,UK Decay and Gang of 4 in parts.Totally unknown and wonderful!

get it here

UV POP-demo tape,circa 1981,UK (possibly just 1 copy?????)

Here's a rare gem! A demo tape of UV Pop, one of those John White used to send to friends in the very early days of this great band. Very primitive versions of songs later released properly as 7" or LPs along with some unreleased ones. Great DIY /post punk weirdness here!

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Here's my follow-up Larry Mondello Band missive, hot on the heels of my post of their terminally insane Mayfield Mornings cassette. Alas, though I'd said in that first post that there would be two follow-up installments of the Mondello saga, I'll be limiting it to just this one more now, as their piece de resistance, the Playing With Static cassette is in fact available from the artist on self produced CDR's for a nominal sum (you can view his catalog Here and contact him to order it Here ) and they richly deserve your support. Foreign Matter Exists/Six Is Ten shares all the terminal Residential-isms of the Mayfield Mornings tape, but the expression here is far more art brut, providing little foothold for those not truly committed to the idea of abject retardation as an artistic stance in it's own right. Those who ARE on board
for such sickness will find lots to treasure here: dictaphone duets for tin can and falsetto, 49 Americans cum Door and The Window tinkertoy post punk vignettes, Casio splat, mulched clatter, diseased wheeze and outtakes from what sounds like self expression hour at Otto Muehl's AAO Kommune.

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This astonishing L.A. unit, arbiters of a strain of ingenious and highly formalized R.I.O. with roots in improvisation, the 20th Century classical canon and impish Residential songform deconstruction had a real formative impact on my teenage brain, having witnessed several knockout shows of theirs from the ages of about 14-16. Prime movers of the California Outside Music Association (C.O.M.A.), a coalition of art rock weirdniks (Steaming Coils, 5uu's and Cartoon/P.F.S. were among their esteemed ranks) that unleashed a criminally overlooked body of vanguardist brilliance across umpteen releases on the Rotary Totem imprint that are every bit the equal of the L.A. Free Music Society, this early tape by the MTG represents a bridge between the studio tweaked playful eccentricities of their debut LP Infra Dig and the decidedly more austere and chamber Ensemble/chamber jazz-into-improv outfit heard on their Contact With Veils LP, with winningly ludicrous and precision tooled surrealist constructs like The Barbie Variations (later to appear on their O Luigi Futi LP) playing footsie with archly starchy but oddly compelling slices of formal classical modernism.
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Following my post of his debut LP "H" way back in June of last year, here's this idiosyncratic alto saxophonist's charmingly askew if slightly more fey follow-up that was issued by Ralph Records. "Hm" teases out some fruitful dimensions of Tachibana's muse evident on "H", particularly his penchant for Glass/Rouse/late Urban Sax systemic sax/synth latticeworks, the arrangements of which he's prone to take toward both swooningly immersive and brittle ends in ways that evoke both the whimsical R.I.O. big band-isms of Six Cylindres En V and and the more dryly austere interlacings of The Rova Saxophone Quartet. Barring everything else though, Tachibana's inclusion of a track aptly titled "Liquid" seals this with a kiss that'll linger long in your memory: a devastating bit of retrofuturist sonic architecture that resides in some dream logic dimension between Tuxedomoon, Haniwa All-Stars and Cab Calloway's Orchestra.

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While the proceedings here may start out with a tidily unassuming post-rock-y gambit, this Ukranian unit have a lot more up there sleeves than this pleasant bit of wrongfooting would suggest, with the remainder largely demonstrating a group with a handy grasp of the evocatively desolate; Zoviet France-like ritualistic ambient esoterica, dissected and desiccated instrumental post punk emissions from the This Heat handbook and howling Alan Splet Eraserhead hells are all touched upon at varying times with some real aplomb here.

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Jubilant and infectious brilliance from what is essentially Family Fodder in disguise on this brief 12" EP. Aside from a couple of minute-long nugs of quirk (including a delightfully tinkertoy take on Telstar) the bulk of this is comprised of two feature tracks
and man oh man are they ever knockouts, "The Story So Far" an immaculate slice of post punk art pop glory in the Homosexuals mode, "Tedium" a proactively R.I.O.-ish bit of Slapp Happy meets Henry Cow by way of Kew Rhone arch art song wit.

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Where exactly has this been your whole life? How one of the cornerstone post punk documents of the entire era (every bit the West Coast equivalent of No New York) could have remained out of print for so long is certainly a mystery, and it's absence from the sharity blogosphere is every bit as baffling. Happily, we can now remedy this historical oversight and reintroduce the world to this masterpiece, housed in a suitably eye-popping sleeve by the legendary Gary Panter. From Chrome to The Residents and from MX-80 Sound to Tuxedomoon, none of the parties involved in this epochal Ralph Records compendium should require much in the way of introductions here. Suffice it to say that each contributes exclusive material and that in most cases (excluding perhaps The Residents) said exclusive material remains among the finest extant in each of these maverick unit's respective discographies. Let that sink in.

Track listing:

Chrome-In San Francisco
Chrome-Meet You In The Subway
MX-80 Sound-Lady In Pain
MX-80 Sound-In San Francisco
MX-80 Sound-Possessed
The Residents-In San Francisco
The Residents-Dumbo, The Clown (Who Loved Christmas)
The Residents-Is He Really Bringing Roses (The Replacement)
The Residents-Time's Up
Tuxedomoon-In San Francisco
Tuxedomoon-Everything You Want
Tuxedomoon-Waterfront Seat

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Of all the sundry and formidable groups and projects that have come in the wake of landmark French R.I.O. maestros Etron Fou Leloublan's dissolution back in the late 80's, organist Jo Thirion's wickedly sharp unit Art Moulu might just be the peak of the pack. By turns boisterous, mincing, capering and hectoring, Art Moulu wring a whole universe of gallic garrulousness and mischievous mirth from a decidedly spare instrumental palette (organ, sax, drums, vocals) and in the process, come up with both the closest analog to the spirit of Etron Fou and some of the most maddeningly catchy and endearing R.I.O. tunes that France ever produced.

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