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Księżyc-s.t. ,10" LP,1996+Nów,7" e.p.,1993,Poland

Unique ethereal avant ritual folk with female vocals, not to be missed by anyone interested in music of strange & exquisite beauty.Relesed by Poland's Obuh label.
Michael J. Salo wrote in 2005:
Just continuing the description above. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm for this release. I love this music.The best I can try to explain Ksiezyc ("The Moon"), is some blend of the romantic-acoustic-ballad Prikosnovenie school groups such as Fleur, together with the psychedelic experimentalism of the great Polish acts Atman & Magic Carpathians. I'm also getting a Jack or Jive vibe out of this (a Polish Jack or Jive?) Anyone interested in any of the above references should aquire this album without hestitation.The female vocals are higher quality than 90% of music recorded today, and meanwhile there is more careful attention to instrumental sonics than you could ever expect in vocally-oriented music.Available information in English on this group is scant, but this new release is apparently a collection of all their recorded music, which dates back to the early 90's. Who knew?It's tempting to declare, "ahead of their time," but that wouldn't be quite right. Instead this band is completely removed from time. This is timeless.A hand numbered limited edition item, in appropriately unique & beautiful handmade packaging. Talk about a gem.
Great etheral folkish weirdness sometimes reminding Coil,Meredith Monk,Za Siodma Gora.

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Cotò En Pèl-Holocaust,LP,1978,Spain

Great Spanish progressive band,with much influence from King Crimson,especially in the guitarwork ,reminding much of Robert Fripp.Long instrumental and vocal tracks with dual guitars,flutes,mellotron and hammond organ.I really don't understand the so low rating of guys at Rate your music!

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Marek Grechuta & Anawa -Anawa,LP,1973,Poland

Superb and very rare Polish acid polk/psychedelic LP.Members of this band later formed Ossian(another great acid folk band from Poland).Also known as Kabaret Architektów Anawa.All other infos found were in Polish....any translation and more infos will be much appreciated.

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Crucis-S.t.,1976+Los Delirios del Mariscal ,1977

Crucis was formed in 1974 by Gustavo Montesano (guitar,vocals), José Luis Fernández (bass), Daniel Frenkel (drums) and Daniel Oil (keyboards). When Fernández left the band, Montesano became the new bass player. Later on Marrone and Kerpel joined the band.In 1975 Daniel Frenkel left the band and Farrugia replaced him.They released two albums, Crucis in 1976 (produced by Charly García who was very famous in Argentina at the time after the demise of folk rock band Sui Generis) and Los Delirios del Mariscal in 1977. The band dissolved shortly after.
From Wikipedia
here are the reviews of Proghead72 for Rate your music:
Crucis is my first try at Argentina's prog rock scene and I am not disappointed. Let's say this is my first try at Argentina's prog scene, I am aware of several other acts worth trying, like Invisible, Espiritu, Ave Rock, and Pablo "El Enterrador" (sp?). Crucis only managed two albums, but I am actually surprised how well produced their music is compared to many other Latin American prog acts (like Mexico's Iconoclasta who gave us great music, but suck-ass production). With the exception of vocals in Spanish, Crucis actually have a lot more in common with Dutch acts like Focus and Finch than I could ever imagine. Although the vocals are in Spanish, I am really surprised there really isn't any Spanish/Latin/South American influences or vibe in the music. When listening to the music, expect lots of Akkerman/van Nimwegen-style guitar work from Pino Marrone and various keyboards (Hammond organ, Moog, clavinet, string synth) from Anibal Kerpel, with complex passages and the occasional jazzy/fusion-influenced passages. The rest of the band consisted of Gustavo Montesano on bass and Gonzalo Farrugia (who was born in Uruguay) on drums. Both Montesano and Marrone handle the vocal duties. On their debut, you might notice a little hard rock influences in the Deep Purple or Atomic Rooster vein (especially on "Mes" where Anibal Kerpal played organ in the Vincent Crane/Jon Lord vein, but in a more progressive setting), and the occasional heavy progressive passage that bring to mind certain Italian prog bands. Each of these cuts demonstrate what the band could be capable of, but because none of the cuts are over seven minutes long, it really doesn't give the band the chance to really soar (exception given to "Determinados Espejos"), but they obviously solved that problem when their following album, Los Delirios del Mariscal featured only four cuts, two of them over 10 minutes. Regardless of the faults of their debut, it still proves that Crucis is one of the best Latin American prog bands I've heard so far.
As excellent as their debut is, that album proved the band needed lengthier compositions to allow the band to stretch out, and with Los Delirios del Mariscal, this band out of Argentina delivers just that. This time around, Anibal Kerpel purchased a Fender Rhodes electric piano, giving the band a bit more of a fusion slant than their previous offering. What little Deep Purple/Atomic Rooster influences had been thrown out the window here, instead a stronger Focus/Finch sound is more present, with more of a Pink Floyd or Camel feel. The vocals are now confined to only one cut, "No Me Separen de Mí", probably realizing vocals aren't their strong point, and it allows them to do what they do best: concentrate on instrumentals. And contrary to what some might say, I think this is an improvement over their debut. The production, for one thing, is even better (although recorded at RCA Studios, presumably in Buenos Aires, it was mixed in Criteria Studios in Miami, yes the same studio well known acts like the Bee Gees and the Eagles had recorded at). The opening cut, as mention, the only one with vocals, has more than a passing resemblance to Italian prog acts, like Corte dei Miracoli or New Trolls. The vocal style reminds me a bit of PFM. The next cut is the title track, dominated by guitar and string synths, played in that Finch (circa Beyond Expression) and Camel manner. For some reason I am also reminded of Eloy's Power of the Passion (specifically "The Bells of Notre Dame"). The next two are the album's climax, that is "Pollo Frito" and "Abismo Terrenal". The former tends to be more fusion oriented, with Anabel Kerpel's electric piano dominating, and Pino Marrone playing guitar in a more fusion manner, but instead of a boring wankfest that I often level at fusion (I'm not big on fusion), it turns out to be an intense piece. And if that's not enough, the last piece harkens to the most intense moments of Finch's Glory of the Inner Force. Pino Marrone just goes overboard on his guitar, almost like if he never plays another note again... When the music calms down, it's more in that Pink Floyd, Camel, and Focus manner. "Abismo Terranal" is without a doubt the greatest piece of music I've heard from a Latin American country. And there is no Spanish/Latin/South American influences to be found in their music. If it wasn't for the vocals (in Spanish) on one cut, you'd might think they were a Dutch band. The band broke up after this album (probably realizing they couldn't top Los Delirios del Mariscal), but apparently their bassist Gustavo Montesano released a solo album with Crucis members helping.
I think there's nothing more to add.Two of the best examples of latin prog rock with much use of keyboards and great atmosphere.

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Telephone Music-st,tape,1986,UK(Snatch tapes/Alien brains related)

I have to thank very much Claire Thomas for sending this gem. Here is the introduction made:
"Telephone Music 1986
Though Snatch Tapes ceased releasing cassettes in 1982 there was to be one final tape release in 1986. Called Telephone Music it is described on the Snatch Tapes web site ( as effectively being Snatch 4 and one can see why as it draws together both collaborative and solo material by Snatch Tapes favourites Philip Sanderson, Steven Ball, David Jackman and Michael Denton.

Much of the material seems to have been recorded during the Snatch Tapes glory days of 1980-81 but most is markedly different from the industrial DIY sound of say Storm Bugs much of it having a distinctly cinematic or soundtrack feel. Side one opens with Maps by Philip Sanderson a sparse combination of VCS3 rhythms, vibraphone and vocals by a chanteuse called Naomi. It’s a kind of easy listening gone wrong. Next up is Thief, a collaboration between Sanderson and Michael Denton that has a jazzy noir-ish undertow again using vibes but also a primitive early sampler that spits out odd vocals and pops. Teal Blue and Silver which follows is a Michael Denton track with added synthetic percussion by Steven Ball’ It’s a toe tapping number with just a hint of early Residents in its clompy percussive piano. Side one ends with Mixing Drinks and Aeroplanes, which is from the same session as Maps and is a deceptively seductive tale of good taste.

Side two will have Jackman fans pricking up their ears as the first two tracks feature the Organum man himself on homemade flute and vocals. The first track Ups and Downs has a slowly repeating motif is overlaid by mournful flute and interference. Track two, called Apostrophe S is very different;, with its clattering Autoharp part overdubbed with woodwind blasts and low vocal drones. It’s almost like some weird hybrid of Led Zeppelin and Organum. Things slow down again for Spy Garden with its vibes and birdsong and clattering knitting needle percussion. The last track Mr Sound is by Michael Denton and features that first Casio keyboard we all know and love overlaid with abstract music concrete and repeated calls for Mr Sound to make himself know to airport information.

A short but very sweet tape, only released in an edition of some 10 copies and probably never to be re-issued. The tape rather bizarrely came in a 7-inch single sleeve sealed with brown parcel tape. This copy is made direct from the cassette and whilst the individual tracks are readily identifiable it has been left in its original format as side one and two.

Telephone Music – Track listing

Side 1
Maps (Philip Sanderson) (1982)
Thief (Philip Sanderson/Michael Denton) (1981)
Teal Blue and Silver (Michael Denton) (1982)
Mixing Drinks and Aeroplanes (Philip Sanderson) (1982)

Side 2
Ups and Downs (Philip Sanderson/Michael Denton/ David Jackman) (1983/6)
Apostrophe S (Philip Sanderson/Steven Ball/ David Jackman) (1986)
Spy Garden part 1 & 2 (Philip Sanderson/Michael Denton) (1983/4)
Mr Sound (Michael Denton) (1981)"
thanks again Claire,much appreciated....anything similar much desired!

Note: link removed, as this is soon due for reissue in a revised, re-mastered and expanded version.

Farm Band -st(Mantra),2LP,1972,USA

This RARE 2-LP set was made by Jesus freak / hippie guru Stephen Gaskin and the Tennessee Commune. Hippie Folk Psych music with fine lead guitar work.This hippie commune performs some long drugged out psychedelic jams. If you enjoy The Grateful Dead live/dead lp , you are sure to enjoy this.
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V/A:Live at the Target,LP,1980,USA

One of the most important US compilations of the early 80's,Live at the Target ,gives the exact picture of the SF underground music scene of this period.Blending punkish nowave inspirations along with electronics and experimentation this compilation features some of the top names of the period.Recorded live February 24, 1980. This show is also available as a live VHS video from Target Video. Comes with a folded 17x11 insert for each artist, and an 8.5x11 insert about the release and the label.
A1 Factrix Subterfuge (4:35)
A2 Factrix A Night To Forget (5:30)
A3 Nervous Gender Miscarriage (1:46)
A4 Nervous Gender Scandinavian Dilemma (3:00)
A5 Nervous Gender Poet (2:37)
A6 Nervous Gender Confession (2:47)
B1 Uns Part 1 (5:06)
B2 Uns Part 2 (2:35)
B3 Flipper Falling (5:27)
B4 Flipper Lowrider (3:18)
B5 Flipper End The Game (2:30 )

UNS was an early Z'ev music project,and Nervous Gender was a synth punk band featuring amongst others Phranc.Factrix and Flipper need no introduction i suppose!
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La 1919 Spontaneo-L'Enorme Tragedia,tape,1985,Italy

Following Erics post of their Jouer, Spielen, To Play CD, here comes the 1st ever tape by this Italian duo of Luciano Margorani and Piero Chianura . This time is more electronics oriented blending somekind of "future" jazzish electronics.
Released through ADN label.

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Magic De Spell-Kiss the mirror,1984+Cpt. Bind,1985,LPs,Greece

Magic De Spell were formed in 1980 in Athens Greece.Their original line up featured:Theo Vlahakis(drums),George Scarlatos(bass),George Alahouzos(guitar,later famous special effects artist),and Alex Kiriakides (vocals).Under this line up they have released their 1st 7" e.p "Nightmares", through Happening label.This 7" was punk oriented ,very amatourish,yet beautiful,a classic example of early greek punk,sounding like a mixture between early Clash,999and early Wire.It is already a big collectors item(it was featured in KBD series) ,selling for 100-150 Euro. 2 years later Elias Aslanoglou joined them on vocals and keyboards are added.The sound is now more new wavish/synth based with the dark atmosphere that is characteristic of this period.They released 2 LPs through Happening/Music Box label ,"A body in a Snare" and "Kiss the mirror", and in 1985 "Cpt. Blind " LP through Enigma label(the greek one ,responsible for many grat greek releases such as the Byrne/no inspired Recording is an art ,the great punk compilation Diataraxi tis koinis isixias,the great punk LP,Adiexodo and others).From the 1st through the 3rd Lp the sound is mutating to more and more synth based ,to end up to the 3rd LP which is pure synth wave and the band is now a trio. The band till 1985 is English speaking.Mentionable are the live performances ,mostly based on the charismatic performer that Elias Aslanoglou is. After Cpt. Blind the band splits up ,to reform again in 1993 with a totally different line up ,turning to Greek lyrics,collaborating with J.J.Burnel ,but ,IMHO ,the result is disappointing for all their 80s fans.The sopund is much guitar based,reminding the UK early 90s scene with some hints of commercial punk rock.Of course with their after 1993 releases they got very famous in Greece and are consider as one of the top 5 Greek rock bands....but nothing special for those eager to explore new musical paths.

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PS:this post is dedicated to all those devoted fans and fellows in the 80s Greek weirdnes,who insistent on their musical explorations and they keep doing this till now.We all remember the Grava concerts (that Metro Decay's singer delirium) and Magic De Spell in Politexno with Elias dressed as karate fighter !

Marnie Weber - Woman WIth Bass,LP,1994,USA/Greece

As requested a while ago,here's the 2nd solo LP by Marnie Weber .
Marnie is living in LA and is still an active muli-artist(sculptor,musician,painter,performer,to name but a few of her activities).Being in the early 80's member of the legendary Californian band ,Party Boys(anyone can present their 3 LPs?), and having collaborated with the likes of 17 Pygmies,Sonic Youth,Savage repuplic ,she has created a rich musical background in the 80s US underground scene. Her production is a combination of her own mythology and imaginary fairytale-like spirits that always appear as either female animals or female humans. She creates an environment you could compare to Marnia in Wonderland. For Weber, makeup, costumes and special effects are vital. With these tools, she achieves her desired effect in her films, installations and performances. The intrigue in Marnie's different stories often deals with passions, struggles and transformations.
A trully amazing album,released in Greece only(as far as i know) through Penguin label and long sold out!

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V/A :Massa,3x12"LP,1981,Germany

Following Eric's post of Roter Stern Belgrad's cd ,here is presented the Klar! compilation from 1981 ,featuring 3 bands from Düsseldorf,amongst which the above mentioned.Musically speaking here we have mutant funk analog sounds mixed with NDW weirdness and an experimental feeling.
The bands included are:
Roter Stern Belgrad :Axel from Mutterfunk, Charly Morrow
Blässe:Xao Seffcheque, Eva-Maria Gößling, Brigitte Bühler, Berward Malaka
EKG:Kastner, Stoya, Syniuga, Wedrich
The records were boxed in a printed dispactch cardboard box and included 3 inserts.
Thanks Eric for all the scans.

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As requested, I've posted a link for the live video of Yppasswdd Daemons that was included on their Cracked In The Year 2000 CDR, but which I didn't include in the original post. I've now added the link to the original post of the CDR, but here it is again as well:

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This had to be uploaded via megaupload, as the file size exceeded 100 MB.


My original post of the Beginner's Guide To COMA compilation failed to include track 4. I've just re-upped replacement links for it. Sorry for the screw up.


Superb Jazz Prog fusion LP from France .Recorded in 1979,,sounding much like the best 70s Italian jazz prog acts.

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C.O. Caspar-Chants of Change,tape/CD,?/1994,Germany

CoCaspar.osp lives in Berlin and Sweden as a datoist, conceptor, constructor, author, theoretician and xeroxer. He works as a soloist, workshop organizer, actionist and musician with sound tools as installation, with projections, with light art. His medium is the processing of concrete tones and noises by means of digital equipment. Sound is planned as scenaric tone and speech acts, and is spontaneously developed from the original impulses of the sounding body - also in cooperation with other players. The sounding bodies consist of industrial material such as pipes, hoses, turbines, and constructions of metal, plastic, and latex hung on chains and, independently and by means of manual influencing, develop vibrating and sometimes chance dynamics in accordance with the qualities of the materials and construction. Microphone articulation is the human component. Inductive regulation of the torque controls turbines, drives membranes to rhythmic mega-frequent vibration, falling rising weaving vital intuitiv bio-mechanoid vibrates roars the volume of the latex at 30-16000 Hertz. Metal hollow bodies, feedback systems, magnetic field sensors produce material tones, organic & acoustic feedback loops. The audiovisual work is the result of the connection between mechanical & digital devices, offered as a sonic installation, as a performance based theatrical staging.
Profane industrial sounding bodies are lo-tech non-culture, instruments without status, without a past, and sound profane. Microprocessor-controlled generators convert coarse impulses, hi-tech, to unheard tone spectrums: Datoistic tones. Optosonic substance is unheard unseen incidental events.
Internally and externally, the dynamics of installation and action are an open system. Sound is experienced as the combination of idea, feeling, and inspiration, of understanding and control, of chance and turbulence. Sound is the interplay of the coarse and the fine, of mechanical and digital equipment. Sound is synthesis and metamorphosis - not a surrogat. Dato-Being dato is the material, Arte Perfora the path.
Arte Perfora - a value-free medium of individual mold represents one's own feeling for life, the variety of disconcerting topics, raw materials, objects without a model, without a tradition.
Of interest is the contemporary reality.Of interest is the energy of the information of the machine.Of interest is the cybernesis of the movement of time.
From C.O. Caspar website
Excellent 1994 TESCO reissue of this privately released tape.Droning ambient tunes ,sometimes chilling,sometimes violent....The above introduction from his own website i think gives a perfect description of C.O. Caspar's work.

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Bobby Callender - The way (First Book of Experiences),LP, 1970,USA

Recorded in 1970, Bobby Callender's "The Way" is a truly puzzling amalgamation of psych, soul, jazz, Eastern sounds, spoken word and pop. Callender's distinct falsetto voice hovers above Axelrod- inspired orchestration that blends with an odd mysticism, creating a lush, psychedelic whirlwind of gorgeous pop sounds. The album's initial beauty quickly takes a turn for the surreal, when Callender begins a head-scratching spoken word segment about the mysterious "John" that ventures into other worldly places. The Eastern hippie vibe is particularly prevalent in Callender's lyrics; he sings "Be a Karma Yogi, Act Selflessly?. Be a Karma Yogi, Act Not Violently" with the utmost sincerity. Between the confounding religious themes, perfect pop arrangements and sublime production, Callender's "The Way" is a masterpiece of soulful psychedelia.
From Other Music review by PW
Excellent psychedelic poetry embedded in an eastern progressive rock arrangement. Musical a Sherezade feel-Lyrical an Hermann Hesse 'Siddharta' feel The poetry is about a experiences in a kind of Indian Religion . Less use of sitar than on his first album(Rainbow). Bobby on this attemp is backed by members of Oregon.

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Brain-damaging, dizzying higher-key Japanese art rock lunacy operating in that rarified strata of weird that spans from Haniwa Chan/ Haniwa All-Stars to Wha Ha Ha and beyond. Killing Time's delirious constructs strongly anticipate the cockeyed post-Zappa-isms of Tipographica, though I'm tempted to say that they (especially on this, their first and greatest achievement) almost best all the preceding name-checked nutters. I don't often quote other reviews, but can't resist sharing this little bon-mot, which might go a bit further toward framing the work of one of the most challenging and inscrutable bands ever: "Frank Zappa interpreted by Brazilian musicians, or Gentle Giant without vocal fused into traditional or New Age music. You can hear many more elements in their music from constructiveness of contemporary classic music, wild energy of free jazz to melodic essence of world music or meditational feeling of healing music. A unique instrumental music with harmonic aesthetics and pastoral gentleness in radical avant-garde".

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A completely essential compendium offering a window into a fascinating trajectory of the 80's L.A. underground music scene, whose stable of associated artists has largely been obscured by the the L.A. Free Music Society crowd's doings. Aside from the occasional overlap (like Steaming Coils, whose early membership split the difference between these parallel universes and who are surprisingly absent here), there was very little in the way of overlap between these contemporaneous scenes, C.O.M.A. (the California Outside Music Association) and it's associated label Rotary Totem Records representing a somewhat more art rock oriented orbit (often with distinct R.I.O. affiliations) then L.A.F.M.S.'s more anarchic and crude attitude/approach and it's a sensibility that had a profound formative effect on my young ears, Rotary Totem-sponsered gigs amounting to some of my earliest concert going experiences in my early/mid teens. There's reams of extraordinary work at hand here, from the The Motor Totemist Guild's archly fey and lopsided gem "Farmer Without Strings" (very much in the spirit of their debut LP) to the plangent garage prog fury of The Underpeople's ferocious "Zontar: The Thing From Venus", the devastating R.I.O. angularity of 5uu's contribution (also featured on their debut LP) and Dogma Probe's late-Fibonnacci's-like "Thirteen" to the single finest tracks that either Cartoon or Newcross would ever commit to tape, this is an absolute must have.


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As requested, here's an extraordinary and atypical Neue Deutsche Welle treasure culling material from a span of 23 years, though I expect much of it's period material spit polished at a later date. Roter Stern (otherwise known as Roter Stern Belgrad) were perhaps best known for their contributions to the 3-band 3x12" boxset compendium "Massa", which I'll get around to posting soon-ish. On "L'Afrique...", they concoct highly musical constructs that fuse rubbery mutant funk to Hassell-ish fourth-world-isms and crisp drum machines to warping synth textures in an idiosyncratic formulation thats uniquely theirs alone.

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Hellacious, unhinged and at times borderline overbearing post-prog, post-metal, post-electronica mindfuckery issued on Ulver's Jester imprint that fuses Naked City/Mr. Bungle-isms to singeing and splattering laptop damage, the results minced, fragmented and re-assembed for maximum disorientation. Imagine Dat Politics as a death metal band. These sick puppies manipulate their sound sources like hibachi chefs handle their ingredients. More than one of you will certainly be crying uncle after a few minutes...

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Prototypical open-ended Finnish freak folk explorations from an outfit that's essentially Keijo And The Free Players minus the Virtanen brothers, though with a more amorphous approach than that deployed in The Free Players. On this, their second release, Vapaa traffic in liminal, watery, droning and rustling
5 A.M.-isms of a very intoxicating sort.

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GREAT IMPERIAL YO-YO "Blink" Tape 1992 & "Chicken Island" CD 1995 (UK)

The GREAT IMPERIAL YO-YO produced some of the best guitar driven neo-psychedelic music of the 90ies.

Owing a debt to the GONG's interpretations of AME SON and OZRIC TENTACLES as well as BONZO DOG BAND's typically english sense of humor, they indulged in a freaky and quite catchy bong influenced hybrid of surrealistic dozes of hard rocking psychedelia, underground progressive and space funk.

Equipped with a devastating humor, the band launches out in space, deliriously punctuated by frenzied saturated guitars and hypnotic rhythms, fluidly floating or orientalizing. A sound, very much in the neo-psych realm, yet very fresh for the 90ies, with outstanding musicianship and well structured compositions.

PS. 1# Guitar wizzard Rat played also with Dr. BROWN on their "Another Realm" (1993) album and contributed to SHIP OF FOOLS "Out There Somewhere" (1994) LP.
2# "Blink" was re-released by belgian Crohinga Well fanzine, as part of the "Mythhs of the Ghandarva: A Lesson in Squirm" (BS006) box set, including second GIYY tape "Toe" (1994), a 12 page booklet and a yo-yo.

Get "Blink" here (part 1 & part2)…

…and "Chicken Island" there (part 1 & part2).

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As several folks were complaining about issues with the Kuupuu link, I've replaced it with a new link. I'm pretty sure the issue was down to a few tracks having umlauts included in the titles, which was preventing some parties from being able to unzip the file (presumably PC users, as it opened fine for me on my mac...)

Lars Lach'n Jonsson-Songs From Cities of Decay,LP/CD,1989/1996,Sweden

Swedish multi-instrumentalist, closely associated with Bauta label and its staple of bands, including Ur, Ur Kaos, Zut Un Feu Rouge, and most recently, Förträngt Hushållsarbete. Lach'n (Lars) Jonsson released two solo albums in the 1980s, both containing avant-rock music in typical Bauta fashion. Note, that the first one, Music For The Dying Forest, has been released under the J. Lachen moniker.
Song From Cities of Decay is more feathery or better said atmospheric, less busy, more delicate when comparing it to predecessor and incorporates plethora of menacingly hovering sounds. It is bridge between MFtDF and sounds of Ur Kaos. From the first listen I know this is one of the most important records in European progressive music, along with RIO releases. However this one again is not falling squarely into RIO genre, but it has some ties to it. Things are going from grave to sable, all throughout sombre or downright exalted (anthemic vocals of Lach’n make a great contribution to that), bordering on the plaintive rather than on devilishly mocking, so don’t expect the titter of UZ’z muses here. Lach'n is playing all instruments and had carefully sung all vocals of its own, producing gorgeous harmonies and strange counterpoint not heard since the era of shining Gregorian chorales. Here it is hard to detect accurately certain instruments, because the music immediately pulls you into into itself, let you inertly watching how your body swirls in it, but also allows you to take a breath with each new track. And lets you do nothing more. Tracks are mostly short, ranging from minute and half to three minutes and half, until you came in front of the portal of "Monuments", a 24+ minute long symphony; on the original LP, the whole side B. Lach'n's composing and performing skill leads you through succinct and effective themes, again from medieval to chamber to industrial, ambiental if you like and back to barocco-classical. Words fail me, or better said they seemed quite useless, as it seems I'll never manage to describe the exquisiteness of these records. If description would be inevitable, I’d say this is superb Hyperborean avant-rock.
A true masterpiece!
At the request of the artist, this link has been removed. To find out more about Lars Jonsson's work, go Here

Kim Jung Mi-Now + Wind,LPs,1973,Korea

Korean psychedelic rock from the 70’s. And sung by the “Korean Francoise Hardy.” The backing band is led by Korean fuzz guitar pioneer Shin Jung Hyun.Although not in English, the record has a very similar feel to some of the hippest British female work of the same period -- a style that takes older folk styles and gives them a trippier, more psychedelic twist -- largely through the use of echoey production that makes the voice sound all flanged-out next to the guitar, but also through some spacious arrangements that give most of the record a nicely floating sort of feel!Both LPs were unofficialy reissued as cds by Korean World Psychedelia label.

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Many thanks to Jason Elbogen for providing me the rip of Wind