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Very rare debut solo album from Hungarian drummer Jinda, who was a widely travelled player in the 70's French prog scene and, at the time of this record, a member of Yochk'o Seffer's post-Magma unit Speed Limit. Seffer's playing on this one too, alongside Heldon bassist Didier Batard. Quite a cast! The Wheel Of Love is a furious and sadly rather forgotten zeuhl gem that splits the difference between Zao and (especially) Magma keyboardist Benoit Widemann's solo debut "Stress" in it's mix of airy lyricism and slightly funk inflected zeuhl fury.

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The (New) TG(Throbbing Gristle)-Vol.1,Tape,1976 recording/1982 release,UK

Here's part one of this rare TG release.
As always amazing!
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Arcane V-Marron Dingue,LP,1979,France,NWW list

Here's another gem from the NWW list.No infos were found in English.
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Wolfgang Dauner - Free Action+Music Zounds,LPs,1967+1970,Germany,NWW list

Here are 2 more Wolfgang Dauner gems!


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V/A:Kassettentater(tape,vol.1,2,4 LPs),1 tape,3LPs,1979-83,Germany

Here's the complete legendary Kassettentater compilation series.All came in very limited editions (about 100 copies).Note that there was no vol.3 ,as far as i'm informed.Excellent minimal synth/experimental music by:
and more...
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This stuff's emerging from the poppier end of Whelton's sensibility and it's probably the best of this batch o' homos arcana for moi. Sara Goes Pop jacks into the same cranial node I associate with the sunny shambolic art pop of The Slits, Ludus or the first Raincoats album and if thats not recommendation enough, I don't know what is.

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More wonderfully flipped out experiments by Whelton circa '81 from the same sessions w/Chris Gray.

Note: link removed as this has recently been reissued on LP.


More of Messr. Whelton's wonderfully deranged carryings on in Chris Gray's studio, though where this one lands in The Homosexuals chronology is anyone's guess. Once again, the number of tracks doesn't precisely match what the insert says, so I'm loath to go titling 'em in iTunes...

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There's not a whole helluva lot more to say on the subject of The Homosexuals and their various and sundry offshoots and monikers beyond the fact that I adore 'em and that I expect that this tape and the three to follow will be filling some very sizeable knowledge gaps for many of you out there. That said, I didn't attempt to title the tracks on this one in iTunes as the insert lists 14 tracks and yet there appear to be 19 of 'em. Best to just look at the insert jpg as you listen along...

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Following my posts of the Hare Hare Night and The Lost Vow compilations, here's the third and final installment of my unholy trinity of wigged out compendiums documenting the 80's Japanese underground, this one bridging the gap between 80's Japanese weirdity and their sympathetic counterparts in the Neue Deutsche Welle scene. Utterly essential!

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V/A -Flowmotion ,LP,1982,UK

Tracklisting:A1 Chris & Cosey - Devil God
A2 Those Little Aliens - Ismalia
A3 Eyeless In Gaza - Dusky Ruth
A4 Eyeless In Gaza - Through Eastfields
A5 David Jackman - Do The Dog
A6 Ian Boddy - Follow A7 Legendary Pink Dots- The Hanging Gardens
B1 Ian Boddy - Skylights
B2 Paul Nagle - A Journey In The Dark
B3 Carl Matthews - As Above, So Below
B4 Colin Potter - Rooftops
released by ICR label in 1982
no need to say more...check the tracklist

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Throbbing Gristle-Thee Psychick Sacrifice(Live: Ajanta Cinema, Derby, England 12th April, 1979),2LP,1982,UK

Here's another great recording of the unique TG.Live recording from 1979 released as 2ble LP in 1982 by Illuminated records.

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Part two of of our trio of screwy Japanese jewels, Hare Hare Night is the second H-Kin Bros. compilation I'm posting, though it was released prior to "The Lost Vow". It's also cut from precisely the same swath of garish cloth as it's sister release.
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Visible -complete discography(2x7"+1x12"e.p.),1981-2,France

Here is the very rare complete discography of this French minimal synth duo.All released through Hawaii label.Another very essential minimal synth group!
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Alman Mulo Band-Mamissi(1983)+Orisha(1985),tapes,UK

Extremely rare (especially Mamissi)tapes by Harvey Bainbridge’s band THE ALMAN MULO BAND (Harvey Bainbridge of Hawkwind).Sorry no pic sleeve scans.The sleeve appearing is from the early 90s cd re-issue of Orisha tape.
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and here


This post is the first volley of a tightly aesthetically aligned trio of late 80's compilations (or in this case, late 80's material released in '91) that features, amongst many other worthies, Messr.'s Todoroki and Matsumae of Picky Picnic and Expo respectively and which will hopefully help to delineate a lost madcap mystery school of 80's Japanese art damage. The Lost Vow was one of two scene defining compilations that H-Kin Bros. Records were to release during this period (it's companion piece "Hare Hare Night" will soon follow) whose reek of psychological instability (though not always 100% consistent) is sometimes absolutely piercing. Unfortunately, this upload exceeded Mediafire's 100 MB limit, so I've had to use Megaupload instead.

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After this real big amount of comments and deep thought i decided that it would not be fair by my side to close this blog down.So we keep on mutating!With 2 new contributors now and hope more to be added soon!And by next weekend everything will be on mediafire.I will try to keep my posts in a limit of 3 or 4 per day.For people complaining for mistakes:i track every single complain down and as soon as i got time all these will be fixed.
I had ,due to family bussiness, not to be on my PC yesterday and today it was a very hard work to moderate this vast of comments.And big pleasure perhaps.Thank you all guys for your support and i'll try to do the best from my side.It's really amazing to get support from too many people you do not even know in person....We are a community:) A Mutated community...We keep on mutating!


This 80's Japanese outfit (featuring Kimitaka Matsumae of Constance Towers/Space Ponch, who released a CD on Jim O'Rourke's Mokai label in 2000, as well as being featured on the seminal 1989 CD compilation "Drive To Heaven, Welcome To Chaos") sits very snugly next to the previously posted Picky Picnic as an exemplary model of musical enlightenment through the detournment of good cheer. One part corrupted children's video game soundtrack, one part post-Zappa convolution as refracted through an occidental lens (ala Tipographica) both colliding unceremoniously and falling down a rabbit hole. Your cheeks will ache from grinning so much...

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This is the completely mad 1982 debut cassette from Japan's Picky Picnic, primarily known for their 1985 LP "Ha! Ha! Tarachine" released on Germany's Ata-Tak Records. Led by Kaoru Todoroki, Picky Picnic have often been pegged as being Residents-like, a descriptor which, while superficially somewhat accurate, fails to adequately prepare you for the very particular and virulent strain of grotesqueness on display here. Like being molested by a gang of muppets, to listen to Picky Picnic is to experience that queer sensation that only emerges when the cheerful and twee becomes fouled and perverted (a tactic that was something of a hallmark of the 80's Japanese underground). Alas, there is no individual track indexing. Just side A and side B. Enjoy!


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Hello one and all...

Greetings all,

In an act of extraordinary generosity and faith, our dear Mr. Mutant has invited me to contribute to this blog and I am deeply thrilled and honored to take part. Given that our host's musical sensibility and mine are nearly indistinguishable, the aesthetic thrust of this blog will remain almost exactly the same, the only difference being an increase in the scale of this undertaking. For those of you understandably feeling dumbstruck and overwhelmed by what has transpired up to this point, I can only offer my sympathetic apologies in advance, as the proliferation here will ultimately be ramping up to near delirious levels over time. I'd ended my Archaia review (which was reposted on this blog by Mr. Mutant) by saying that "Too much of a good thing is always a good thing". Gluttonous orgiastic excess and the inconceivability of ever coming to grips with vast quantities of information-these are the natural and inevitable upshots of deeply immersing oneself in this musical milieu, so just take a deep breath and resign yourself to the happiest informational whiteout you could even hope for. My first two album postings will follow shortly...

Mutantly yours,


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To Share Or Not To Share?

Till now i was laughing at all these offensive comments ,but i'm really tired of this situation.My purpose creating this blog was not to read offensive comments.Just silly romantic i just wanted to create somekind of community to spread music long forgotten and obscure.But it seems some assholes does not like that.Possibly i'm making their valuable items for sale cheapier, perhaps they didn't ever realise that music is not their property ,perhaps they are just silly jealeous.I don't know... But under these circumstances i started thinking of closing the blog down...this is not something decided...just a thought....i know ,they are possibly happy,possibly their purposes are achieved....but i do not intent to leave this blog take my whole life and make me nervous and upset...i started with good purposes....but ...i don't posts for the next 2 days...i just wanna think and decide....A big thank to all least i found some friends here...over the moon,musicgnome,slobodan,matt, john,jeff,to name but a few....sorry if i have forgotten some it's not done by purpose...i'm very upset right now to let myself think clearly...thank you all guys

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DDAA-Live In Acapulco Update

Just checked it and "2-11Miss Vandan " was corrupted,you were right complaining for this one.Sorry for this mess.Reulpoading it now.The link for this is:

There's a certain comment in the DDAA post that i think everyone has to read will understand which one....very entertaining.

Deficit Des Années Antérieures(DDAA)-Live in Acapulco,2Xtape,1981+Action and Japanese Demonstration,LP,1982,France

2 tapes released in cardboard box!
Here are 2 of the very first and rarest releases of this pioneers of experimental sound in France.
Considered the "French NWW"
get the tapes here , here and here
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Instant Composers Pool (ICP) Orchestra -Groupcomposing ,LP,1971,Netherlands

Dutch (Ukrainian-born) pianist Misha Mengelberg (1935) graduated from the conservatory in 1964 after participating in the John Cage-inspired artistic movement Fluxus. He debuted with Driekusman Total Loss (december 1964), credited to a Kwartet featuring alto saxophonist Piet Noordijk, drummer Han Bennink and bassist Gary Peacock, that contained three lengthy pieces in a free style (Driekusman Total Loss, Nature Boy, If I Had You) and The Misja Mengelberg Quartet (march 1966), containing other lengthy pieces (Auntie Watch Your Step, Driekus Man Total Loss, Journey). For a few years he was mainly involved in the improvised recordings of the "Instant Composers Pool" series with other improvisors, notably Instant Composers Pool 002 (may 1968), containing Amagabowl for a trio with altoist John Tchicai and Bennink, Instant Composers Pool 005 (march 1970), in a quartet with Tchicai, Bennink and guitarist Derek Bailey, Groupcomposing (may 1970), with trombonist Paul Rutherford, tenorist Peter Broetzmann, soprano saxophonist Evan Parker, altoist Peter Bennink, guitarist Derek Bailey and Bennink that inaugurated the ICP Orchestra (Instant Composer's Pool Orchestra), and Instant Composers Pool 010 (march 1971) in a duo with Bennink. Other duets with Bennink (on all sorts of percussion noises) yielded Coincidents (june 1973), Einepartietischtennis (may 1974), Midwoud 77 (march 1977), Instant Composers Pool 023 (july 1979). The duo also recorded Yi Yole (september 1978) with altoist Dudu Pukuwana, and 3 Points and a Mountain (february 1979) with Peter Broetzmann on saxophones and clarinets. These albums displayed Mengelberg's debt towards Thelonious Monk and other jazz greats, but mainly his (and Bennink's) bizarre language of humorous noises and detours, better codified in the Suite Banana on his solo album Pech Onderweg (february 1978). A quartet with trombonist Paul Rutherford, altoist Mario Schiano and Bennink recorded the four-movement improvisation Tristezze di Sanluigi on A European Proposal (april 1978).
Mengelberg also played on and composed for the ICP Tentet's ICP Tentet (april 1977), that included four saxophonists (Peter Broetzmann, John Tchicai, Peter Bennink, Gilius van Bergeyck), pianist Misha Mengerberg, celloist Tristan Honsinger, bassist Maarten van Regteren Altena, drummer Han Bennink, and Tetterettet (september 1977). Mengelberg and Bennink were, above all, the pillars of the ICP Orchestra, a rotating ensemble of improvisors that recorded Live Soncino (september 1979), with trumpeter Enrico Rava, saxophonist Gianluigi Trovesi, tuba player Larry Fishkind and other Italian musicians, Japan Japon (may 1982), with trumpeter Toshinori Kondo, saxophonist Peter Broetzmann, viola player Maurice Horsthuis, Fishkind, trombonist Walter Wierbos, clarinetist Michael Moore, etc, Caravan (same session), Extention Red, White & Blue (may 1984), with soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy, cellist Ernst Reijseger, Wierbos, Fishkind, Moore, Horsthuis, etc, Two Programs (may 1984), with Lacy, trombonist George Lewis and others, devoted to Mengelberg's heroes, Bospaadje Konijnehol I (november 1986), containing Mengelberg's suite De Purperen Sofa, with George Lewis, Maurice Horsthuis on viola and Ernst Reijseger on cello, Bospaadje Konijnehol II (november 1990), containing Mengelberg's eight K-Stukken and Mengelberg's four-part suite Tegenstroom. Mengelberg's music for larger ensembles was permeated by the same absurdist circus-like atmosphere of his duets with Bennink but it augmented it with ambitions worthy of chamber music.
A quintet with trombonist Gerge Lewis and soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy performed Herbie Nichols compositions on Change of Season (july 1984). A similar quintet with Lewis, Lacy, Bennink and cellist Ernst Reijseger recorded Dutch Masters (march 1987), containing Lacy's Dutch Masters and Utah as well as two Monk compositions.
Mengelberg finally returned to the solo format for the 13 Impromptus (june 1988), another kaleidoscope of madcap proto-folk nonsense, that was followed by Mix (may 1994) and Solo (december 1999). These solo albums delivered his cacophonous vision uncensored and unedited.
The other main outlet for Mengelberg's "compositions", the ICP Orchestra, became a tighter and more focused affair on Jubilee Varia (november 1997), containing two more Mengelberg suites, Jubilee Varia Suite and Jealousy Suite, performed by Wierbos, Moore, Reijseger, trumpeter Thomas Heberer, clarinetist Ab Baars, cellist Tristan Honsinger, bassist Ernst Glerum and Bennink. Oh My Dog (june, 2001) was a lesser version of it, containing the 15-minute Happy Dreams and emphasizing Honsinger's role (who composed half of the titles). The live Aan & Uit (december 2003) added Mengelberg's six-movement Picnic to the orchestra's repertory.
More than anyone else, Mengelberg found the missing link between free jazz and Dadaism and John Cage's "alea".
Mengelberg's collaborations ranged from Who's Bridge (february 1994), a trio with Brad Jones (bass) and Joey Baron (drums) that sounded like a summa of his jazz influences, to MIHA, that collected more duets with Bennink (from 1992 and 1997), from the nine untitled pieces of The Roots of the Problem (may 1996), particularly the ninth with trumpeter Thomas Heberer and tuba player Michel Godard, to the mediocre No Idea (june 1996), in a trio with bassist Greg Cohen and drummer Joey Baron, from The Field Recordings 5 (march 1997), with saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and percussionist Gert-Jan Prin, to Playing (march 1998), duets with saxophonist Yuri Honing, from Two Days in Chicago (october 1998), with assorted Chicago musicians (such as tenorist Fred Anderson, tenorist Ken Vandermark, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, percussionist Hamid Drake), to Lively (july 2000), with saxophonist Yuri Honing and cellist Ernst Rreijseger, containing the 29-minute Vrijdag. Best of the "conventional" recordings was perhaps Four in One (september 2000), a quartet with trumpter Dave Douglas, Brad Jones and Bennink.
Mengelberg has also composed classical music, notably the Saxophone Concerto (1980).
an improvisation music masterpiece!
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Colin Potter - The Where House?,tape,1982,UK,NWW related

Here's another tape release ,this time from 1982.

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Colin Potter - The Ghost Office,tape,1980,UK,NWW related

Colin has been an engineer for over 20 years now, and along his diverse history he has worked with Nurse With Wound, Current 93, Organum, Jonathan Coleclough, Ora, and many others. Being a musician himself, his contributions to these projects are often more than just being the engineer.This is his 2nd release on tape with 1979/80 recordings.
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Indigo-Meer der Zeit,LP,1977,Germany

Very obscure German space/kraut private release....very nice guitar/organ works!
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Intersystems- Free Psychedelic Poster Inside,LP,1968,Canada, (NWW list?,if not it should be)

After their 1st and 2nd LPs here comes the third one.


Somewhere on the edge of experimental music where, with his Esoteric record label, he has managed to release at least half a dozen EP's and finally, this year, an album. He's eccentric, make no mistake, and his style of throwing the oddest of sounds against each other is quite unique at times. 'For Alien Ears' is available from Esoteric, 33, Barberry House, Shannon Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham.

very wierd experimental /minimal synth record!
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Missing Pressumed Dead-Say it with flowers,EP, 1979,UK

Following their LP post here comes their forst e.p. released in Sequel records.No pic sleeve scans again:(

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Psy Nukli-Number Nine,Tape,1988,UK

Nukli are:-
Kev Hegan - Guitars, Vocals, Flute
Mark Huxley - Basses, Drum Programming, Percussion
Eric Pavlyak - Keyboards, Sequencers, Synths, Special Treatments
Colin Wareham - Drums, Percussion
Nukli were part of a musical phenomenon that was unique to the 1980s. Their story, like that of many other underground bands of the period, is intertwined with the history of Free Festival culture, a movement that was born in the early '70s as a logical continuation of the '60s psychedelic movement.
In the 1980s the Festival scene centred around the Stonehenge Free Festival and later, after the government clamp down, psychedelic venues such as the Crypt and Club Dog in London. Nukli, like many of their peers, became known mainly by word of mouth and through the sale of their cassettes which were sold at gigs, clubs or by mail order. Cassettes became an important format at this time due to the disinterest of the record industry in underground experimental music, and since they were cheap and could easily be played on a cassette recorder in the open air, they were very popular amongst festival go'ers. Along with bands such as The Ozric Tentacles, Oroonies, Ullulators, Webcore, Treatment, Magic Mushroom Band and Mandragora, Nukli followed in the tradition of the 1970s Festival bands, appearing, often free, at Festivals, squats and parties, performing long improvised electronic tinged psychedelic music that incorporated many influences from space rock to reggae. The band, who were based in London, had roots stretching back to the early '80s and were influenced by the likes of late '70s bands Here and Now, Thandoy (later The Karma Kannix a highly influential band who never recorded an album) Sky Whale, Visitor 2035 and the Androids of Mu. Nukli developed out of the Psy band, a sprawling, space punk outfit formed in 1980 by eccentric London guitarist and psychedelic visionary Psi Steve (vocals bass, guitar) together with Mark Huxley (drums), big Chris Gibbs (bass), Cozmik Dave (vocals), and for a while Anthony Hewitt (drums). Steve lived in a weird world of occult philosophy that was part invention and partly based on the Kabbala and which had a black humour that involved reaching "White Light" through atomic armageddon. The band Psy gigged around at parties, squats and the early '80s Stonehenge Festivals and by 1983, Eric Pavlyak had joined on keyboards/synths, Kev Hegan had come in on guitars, flute and sax and Mark had switched from drums to bass. The core of Psy was now Steve, Mark, Kev and Eric, and this central core nucleus became known as The Nukli due to Psi Steve's habit of mixing German and English words together. Psy continued gigging and in 1983 performed at Stonehenge in the Tibetan Mountain Troupe's marquee stage, which graced many early '80s festivals. In 1984 Psy released the track "Sickle And The Hourglass" on a 7" compilation EP called "Stuff The Neighbours" and a cassette entitled "Psychelektra Trip Projekta". This cassette was an extremely weird collection of live jams from 1983, cut ups, sound effects and psychedelic mayhem that became somewhat of a classic on the underground tape circuit. Due to the threat of bootleg copies the cassette has been re-pressed many times since its original release. By 1987 Psi Steve had drifted and the second cassette "Side Effects" was credited to Psy-Nukli . This was an experimental space rock affair, featuring Kev on guitars, Mark on bass/drums and Erik on Synths/drum programming. In 1988 around the time of the release of the retrospective Psy-Nukli tape "No.9", this line-up drafted in Colin Wareham on drums and Julian Done on sax and started gigging around London.
During this mid '80s transitional period both Psy and Nukli were fairly loose aggregations and in addition to the core line up featured a roster of part time members that included Generator John of The Ullulators, Tig and Roly of The Ozrics (who can be heard adding an awesome bassline to a the track Ascent on the No.9 cassette) and Seaweed of The Thunderdogs. The bands often performed at the now legendary Club Dog which was the seed that, under the guidance of Bob and Mike Dog germinated to become the Mega Dog dance organisation and Planet Dog Record label. In late 1988 Nukli had fully split from Psy and by April 1989 had begun recording their first tape with new member Sue Chewter. The resulting At Last is a much more straightforward rock release that includes some cover versions (Zappa's My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mother and Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit) as well as some powerful Hillage-like acid rock and stoned jamming. Sue didn't stay long however and shortly after she left the band Mark and Colin started working part time with Dean Carter as his backing band The High Commission. However, Nukli continued to gig and in November 1989 supported Ozric Tentacles at The Rock Garden as part of the first Sonic Relief event. 1990 saw the last gig with Julian and the band worked on the Book Of Changes cassette which was not fully completed due to a break in that resulted in the loss of all of Eric's equipment. Eric had previously lost all of his equipment in when in 1986 a session at AAA studios in London - which comprises the Psychelektra section of this CD - had to be aborted due to theft. Being robbed of everything twice was too much for Eric and he decided to leave for Canada remaining an honorary member of Nukli.
Meanwhile Mark and Colin as The High Commission recorded an album with Dean Carter for Demi Monde in April 1990 called Average Man. Both Nukli and Dean Carter and the High Commission played the Torpedo Town Festival, in September of 1991 with Andy Bull taking over Erik's place on keyboards while new member Jamie Bezer came in on vocals and guitar. Andy left a year later in 1992 and a new line-up of Kev, Mark, Colin and Jamie had their gig debut at Club Dog. That same year the band recorded their final tape, the new age space rock response to Acid House Mushroom Bungalow Music In June 1992 after discussions with Delerium Nukli decided to put together an album for release on CD. The band performed at Torpedo Town in August of 1992 one of the last major UK Free Festivals to take place before The Criminal Justice Bill all but destroyed Free Festivals in UK. Shortly afterwards the bands squat home throughout the '80s Nukli base Kontrol, was lost to the authorities, and with no place to rehearse regularly or record the curtain finally came down on the band... but not their music. After much to-ing and fro-ing between UK and Canada the album you hold in your hand was carefully constructed from the various recordings that were made during the bands long and complex career. The result is Nukli's ultimate musical statement, drawing on the essence of freedom and creativity that made the Festival scene so vibrant and refreshing. Throughout the long journey the "Nucleus" held together and the musical creation that has resulted surely contains a thread of freedom and hope stretching back to the late '70s when the whole mad scene first started...... enjoy it, and don't lose your right to party.
Richard Allen

Very nice and obscure freaked out/space psych from the mid 80s.
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Radio Free Europe-Laughoncue,LP,1980,USA

Here's another great minimal synth /experimental LP from the early 80s.Sounding as a combination of Bene Gesserit and Cabaret Voltaire!
Band members:Brian Hansen,Dave Maya,Stephan Miller,Dan Puckett.From Austin Texas
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New Link For PLAT DU JOUR post.

Please be informed tha due to problems reported with Plat Du Jour post the file was re uploaded and the link is updated.Find the new updated link in the respective post.Sorry for that mess.

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Sperm-Shh!,LP,1970,Finland,NWW list.

First posted in Ezhevika Fields blog,but link long dead and since requested here here comes this masterpiece from Pekka Airaksinen band.

Tokyo Kid Brothers-Throw Away the Books, Let's Go Into the Streets,LP,1971,Japan,NWW list.

Following Golden Bat LP and after requests recieved here comes the legendary "Throw away the books...." LP.First posted in Cities in Flame blog,but link is long dead.

get it here

Plat Du Jour-s.t.,LP,1977,France

Here is another great obscure band from the French prog scene!
no infos in English language found,sorry
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