Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anemonengurt - Bocuse Berneau,CD,2003,Germany,HNAS related

The cute little Astroturf aliens that decorate the sleeve of Anemonengurt's Bocuse Berneau would seem to indicate that the music contained within is whimsical or humorous. Alternately, they may lead one to believe that this is the work of the long-lost love child of Kermit the Frog and Mossman. Upon opening the sleeve insert, however, one makes the disheartening discovery that the little green men were just a ruse, and this album was actually made by two badly-dressed, puffy German thirty-something hash casualties wearing bad wigs, carrying a scythe and a shovel. Kirk Kleber and Viktor Vase are Anemonengurt, and they wear sneering expressions on their ugly mugs, as a reminder that if you hate this album, you're just playing into their hands. An album that could only have been inspired by years of brain-frying drug consumption, Bocuse Berneau is the sound of two assholes trying to annoy you until you run screaming from the room. They use the same synth-and-guitar arsenal as those mid-80's Nitzer Ebb industrial-techno bands, but are far too stoned to produce anything resembling a song. Instead, they produce belabored, atonal synth-pop interrupted by noisy guitar licks, with Kleber and Vase's overwrought wailing and screaming serving as vocals. They seem to be inspired by Suicide, but they come closer to sounding like the over-the-hill electro-crap of Rev and Vega's recent reunion album than classics like "Ghost Rider." Achim P. Li Khan produced this mess, and introduces so much extraneous echo, reverb and noise into a track like "Schwankung" that I almost didn't realize it was nothing but a looped guitar strum seemingly lifted straight from a hair metal power ballad. "Die Villa" combines a gothic-flavored acoustic melody with the now-ubiquitous samples of children at play. The keyboards alternate between cheesy retreads of 80's electropop and wretched takes on the gothic gloom of Bach's Toccata in Fugue D Minor. One track is named "Snyder's of Hanover," presumably after the popular snack-food brand. Could this be Anemonengurt's paean to "the munchies"? Listening to these abject retards wank around for 30 minutes was a singular displeasure, one that I don't plan to repeat in the foreseeable future. - Jonathan Dean

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Prohibition69 said...

But is it any good? ;)

Anonymous said...

my balls fell off when i heard this