Saturday, February 17, 2007

Träd, Gräs och Stenar- Rock for Kropp och Själ,LP,1972,Sweden,NWW list

Basically the same band as International Harvester,Harvester and Parson Sound. Mixed their minimalstic art/rock music with some more accessibel stuff - for example covers of "All Along The Watchtower" & "The Last Time". Disbanded first time 1972, but have reformed several times. Since the early '90s they are playing on regular basis. In 2002 they released their first record in 30 years. They have become quite well known in the US in later days. They did two tours there 2003. Among their greatest fans is Stephen Malkmus!

get this gem here


Anonymous said...

You could delete this comment, like the previous one, but just stop for a sec and look at yourself: you post the praising comments only and you're closing your ears to everything else.
There's no doubt you got the best blog at this time. What's the need to tag 50% of your posts as "NWW list"? NWW never intended to include the entire discography of the artists mentioned in their list, nor every record from the members of the bands mentioned. If they want to include Trad Gras och Stenar, they would just put the name in it. The same goes for Feed-back, Spacecraft, Spacebox etc. Your way will expand the list to a few 1000s recs.
You could tag all these great posts as rare and amazing, no extra value added by the "NWW list" tag (for me at least).

mutantsounds said...

1st:i've never deleted any comment
2nd:if you are a frequent visitor as you say you must have noticed in some previous posts that i tag as NWW list, except of records included originally on the list,records that IMHO SHOULD be included....this is mentioned too in WFMU comment about my blog...
that's all
thanks for your comments
all the best

Anonymous said...

Same band as International Harvester=NWW List=Good enough for me!

Great finds Mutes! Thanks for all your hard work!


Unknown said...

i am a fan of trad gras, having seen them the 3 or 4 recent times they have been thru NYC. was said to hear them say the last time thru that it was indeed "The Last Time" (sorry) because of the cost associated with travelling and paying immigration fees etc. in lieu of the real thing then... glad to see a post of some rare early stuff!

also, re: the above, glad to have the other non-NWW posts here as well, the detractors are free to start their own blogs and stop bothering honest people.

thanks again

M said...

The title track Rock för kropp och Själ is a 20+ min classic of the deeepest Psych around.

Good you posted this one!

Had this on tape for years


A diehard Mecki mark men fan

Roger Camden said...

I can't get enough of this group.

So, so good.


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of uploading this album again? It is the only one I am missing and seems to be impossible to find.