Friday, February 23, 2007

Tokyo Kid Brothers-Throw Away the Books, Let's Go Into the Streets,LP,1971,Japan,NWW list.

Following Golden Bat LP and after requests recieved here comes the legendary "Throw away the books...." LP.First posted in Cities in Flame blog,but link is long dead.

get it here


musicgnome said...

Tokyo Kid Brothers-Throw Away the Books, Let's Go Into the Streets!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing a little dance.

I must've missed this when it was shared on Cities in Flame.

Having noted that blog, if I may, if other's can go over to that blog and leave a kind word of support...He's been going through a rough patch (healthwise) and getting some encouragement would be well received, I am sure.


Anonymous said...

Great find, thanks! I love this album!

Since the Mp3s aren't tagged properly, here's the tracklist in Japanese and my attempt at transcribing it into romaji and translating it into English. I apologize for the undoubtedly inadequate translation. Not sure about track 6. Is it a pun on ubasute and haha suteki (as in, wonderful)?


1. Piisu / Dadada
2. Hana ichimonme
3. Anata no omoide
4. Ken-san aishiteru
5. Chichioya nanka daikirai da no rokku
6. Hahasute ki
7. Tokyo junreika
8. Furiidamu
9. Aru bokusaa no shi
10. 1970-nen 8-gatsu
11. Iki wo koroshiteru
12. Endingu teema

1. Peace / Dadada
2. Hana Ichimonme [the name of a Japanese children's game]
3. Your memories
4. I Love Ken
5. The I Kind of Hate My Father Rock
6. The Tale of a Mother Abandoned in the Wilderness
7. Tokyo Pilgrimage Poem
8. Freedom
9. That Boxer's Death
10. August 1970
11. Playing Dead
12. Ending Theme

Unknown said...

It was released on CD with a book around 1999. I sometimes see this for sale at bookstores here in Osaka for $5 or $6. There was another book and CD released at the same time, but I can't track it down.

The books didn't have a whole lot of pictures in them, so If you don't read Japanese, it doesn't add much to the CD.

Cellar said...

Great, thanks a bunch!
Also thanks for the tracklist, kyoaki!

john said...

Awesome! Listening to this makes me want to start a riot!

For those who haven't seen the movie, here's the trailer -

Cellar said...

Can anyone please provide any more info or links on this band? They seem to be very elusive around the internet.

Anonymous said...


What bookstores do you go to? I'm in Osaka, and I've desperately looked for this in literally every used music shop, with no luck so far!

High Priest Of Good Times said...

thank satan!

Anonymous said...