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Nationalteatern-Livet är en fest,LP,1974,Sweden

Nationalteatern was the brightest band on the Swedish progressive rock scene in the 1970s.
Initially formed as a free theater group in Lund, 1968, Nationalteatern moved to Gothenburg and started to put heavy emphasis on the musical part of the plays. The leader of the group in the early days was Anders Melander, and he also played most of the instruments at the recording of the groups debut album, Ta det som ett löfte......ta det inte som ett hot. (Take it as a promise…… don’t take it as a threat)
On the second album, Livet är en fest, (Life is a party) Ulf Dageby was allowed more room, and he was later to evolve into the group's driving force. The album was a more straightforward rock album than the previous one, something that proved very successful.
In 1977, many members of Nationalteatern played a significant part of The Tent Project.
On Barn av vår tid, (Children of our time), from 1978, the first album featuring Totta Näslund, and later Rövarkungens ö (The Island of the Bandit King), from 1980, the group moved away from the theatrical work and concentrated on the music, calling themselves a Rock Orchestra.
The group was dissolved soon after, but the new millennium has seen several reunions of Nationalteatern, touring all over Sweden. But no new songs or albums have been recorded.
Totta Näslund died in 2005, though the band still gives concerts from time to time.
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Anonymous said...

For a swede, like myself, this is one of the most tiresome and too often repeated record of the progg movement. The titletrack really gives me klaustrofobia :P

However, the presentation of the record an everything else on this blog is as always totally amazing :D

I've stopped using soulseek since I came across your blog!

Anonymous said...

Your blogg is truly amazing! You post things that I thought was totally inavailable or simply non-existing. Anyway - this one you just have to remove. For a swede this is a landmark of absolute non-inventive and underdeveloped socialist get-together campfire singa-longs. Posting this for swedes (or any nationality) is like posting Bruce Springsteen for americans, everybody knows it and hates it (I hope). Since you not know the history of this record it might sound exotic, but beleive me it does not fit in your beautiful collection.

mutantsounds said...

i have no problem removing this post...actually never thought to post it but it was requested so i think it's democratic enough to let visitors decide through their comments if i remove it or not...if i have no different comments till tomorrow morning(this means in 10 hours from now)i will remove it...sorry did not mean to offend anyone by this post

mutantsounds said...
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mutantsounds said...
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mutantsounds said...
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Slobodan Burgher said...

ha ha ha the comments above are sooo funny, kind of symbolic why I left sweden...well perhaps that is a bit far fetched and extreme...but why the seriousness grabbar och flickor?

you really got to laugh....oh well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mutant sounds.
I wasn't at all offended. And "Livet är en fest" is acctually a quite good rock record. "Barn av vår tid" is one truly fantastic song and it had a great impact on the youth of its time. However, as years goes by nationalteatern has become somewhat of an tiersome relic of the past. A record you will hear be quoted by drunk 70s nostalgics and covered by early 90s nazirockers (the track "Livet är en fest" seems to apply to the drinkingcultrue of all kinds).
But don't delete the post, I see no reason to really. My comment was just to give a perspective of the release and its orgin.

btw. I happen to have one of Luc Marianni's records, the first one I belive (Souvenirs du futur). Would you like me to ripp a copy for you?

mutantsounds said...

sure i'd love this rip!
blog 's not closing down!
all the best

Anonymous said...

Dead links!!