Saturday, February 17, 2007

V/A:Electronic Sampler(transmitter kasseten),Tape,Germany,Early to mid 80s

Strange tape only compilation by label (?)Transmitter kasseten.Contains Conrad &Sohn,Mani Neumeier,Pyrolator,Thomas Orgel...etc.Experimental/minimal synth.It was impossible to find any info except that some of the artists included had some tape releases on the above mentioned lbel.Any infos will be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Could you please post the "Mission Is Terminated" including the "Nice Tracks"? Would be great! And don't let stupid people bother you. Maybe you should mention especially poor sound to avoid disappointment.

Anonymous said...

The full Conrad & Sohn CD is available for download on the Krauteam blogspot (

Conrad, of course, is Conrad Schnitzler. He plays with his son, Gregor on this one. No further info is available, though.


Atlantis Audio Archive said...

Here is some more info on this release:

Private release on Transmitter Cassetten (TC 64) 1983.

The Schnitzler tracks are previously unreleased but based on music material from the 6xCass - 'Container'.

Do you have any other Schnitzler on cassette??

Anonymous said...

I loved it, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, it's a sampler of material issued on the Transmitter Label, owned by Werner Pieper of "Grüne Kraft". They also reissued the still incredibly rare "Cluster & Farnbauer" cassette which was originally on YHR Tapes. I'm still looking for that one.

Anonymous said...

Interesting tape. The Mani Neumeier track is the highlight, I think.

Now that Kraut-Team is dead is there any chance of Mutant Sounds sharing Conrad & Sohn? Really any out of print and hard to find Schnitzler would be great.