Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The (New) TG(Throbbing Gristle)-Vol.1,Tape,1976 recording/1982 release,UK

Here's part one of this rare TG release.
As always amazing!
get it here


Anonymous said...

thanks again mutant sounds!

Over The Moon said...

Thanks a lot for all the great new stuff today. Wow! Beautiful update!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Love both volumes of the NEW T.G. I would like to request any live SPK. Thank You. Keep up the great work. I look forward to visiting every day.

ShardsOfBeauty said...

I have the live SPK tape "Last Attempt At Paradise" still up on my blog Shards Of Beauty, linked in the sidebar to the right of this most excellent blog.

thanks so much for all this great music! The Amos & Sara is so good!

Anonymous said...

you have the weirdest music i have ever heard,some i like and some i dont.I keep seeing NWW List,any chance of putting it on your blog ?
More TG and any Cosi solo stuff would be cool.
Many thanks and stay weird,
Stu the Occupier

mutantsounds said...

all the list LPs at once???????browse my previous posts and you will see that many records from there are posted and keep posting whatever i have

Anonymous said...

Hey MS, is this a vintage TG live set also available as part of TG24 or TG+ - or is it something else?

Also, to Anonymous - I think you'll find a JPG of the NWW list at the bottom of every page on this BLOG. A good place to start researching this list is at:

Thanks again, for the amazing stuff you and VDO are uploading.

mutantsounds said...

i'm not quite sure rising runner.....i thing it's something different

Anonymous said...

Risingrunner - I can confirm that these tapes are not included in TG24 or TG+

Hope you enjoy them


J.Cld said...

whhish this was a little less w/ the mp3 sparkle, any way to make it real tapey instead?