Saturday, February 24, 2007

Intersystems- Free Psychedelic Poster Inside,LP,1968,Canada, (NWW list?,if not it should be)

After their 1st and 2nd LPs here comes the third one.


Unknown said...

this had been re-issued on CD IIRC by Freedom In A Vaccum sometime in the mid-90s and I had it, but seem to have misplaced it... so I'm glad to have found it here! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mutant Sounds,
Below is a link to a video commemorating "HEADMACHINE", a lumetric sculpture created by Intersystems in 1967. I didn't get to hear any Intersystems music until yesterday, when I found an excerpt from "Free Psychedelic Poster Inside".

litlgrey said...

Thank GAWWWWWWWD you posted this. My copy was stolen and I miss it terribly. I miss the guns in the cave.