Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Erlkoenig, named after the famous Goethe poem and originating in Helmstedt on the former inner-German border, played powerful and inventive symphonic rock with occasional lyrics in English. Keyboarder Eckhardt Freynik, author of all the tracks, was the creative head of the band, and one would wish that he had received more recognition for his work as it seems that the world has lost an incredibly gifted musician. The guitar is also highly remarkable. Erlkoenig's only LP appeared in early 1973 with a circulation of 1000 copies and is basically known to collectors only. This CD contains four so far unreleased bonus tracks, partly in a different style.
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musicgnome said...

1000 copies! This is like sharing a major label release from your collection.

Anonymous said...

Your taste is impeccable - thank you
SO much for sharing such wonderful treasures!!

Anonymous said...

for me your music is...marvellous!!!

Unknown said...

thank you