Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Christian Lunch-Shark Bait(1981,LP)+Unreliable Sources(1990 12" E.P.),USA

Very underated artist from USA.Minimal synth punk at it's best!Sorry could not find the pic sleeve of the 1981 LP.He also played with Geza X, Witch Trials (along with Jello Biafra,Andrew Borland)

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musicgnome said...


Anonymous said...

This is so far one of favorite synth stuff you've posted.

Although it's probably not rare enough (!) for this crew, Kevin Harrison's Cherry Red LP (esp. the intro "Trapezoidal, trapezoidal, trapezoidal..." loop might be of interest to some.

mutantsounds said...

better say not that expensive instead of rare,because even though i did not pay much money for Shark bait LP ,i was searching for it for about 8 years!

Kublecito said...

Oh, Thanks a lot! I've been looking for at least the mp3's for a while, I just had pogo music from atomic shockwaves compilation... You got a pretty neat blog, keep going, and thanks for sharing. Cheers from Mexico.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this - i've been looking for some of their music for a long time

ChristianLUNCH said...

'80s vintage punktronic hothead Christian Lunch, of "LET THEM EAT JELLY BEANS" & "WITCHTRIALS" and other albums, has finally gotten his stuff up on the internet for the curious to check out.
please add the link:

many thanks.

Christian Lunch

ChristianLUNCH said...

the unreliable sourced demo recordings have bee released on tunecore in a compilation called "FIGHTING THE SAME OLD WARS"
+ three unreleased tracks!

vdoandsound said...

Hi Christian,

Did you want me to pull down the link for this post then due to that?