Saturday, February 17, 2007

Störung-This is Future,LP,1982,Netherlands

Another crown jewel of early 80s minimal synth scene!Pre-Ensemble Pittoresque ,released this LP in Clogsontronics label.
get it here


Anonymous said...

I know this band had another release not too long after this one. They also had a recent release on Clogsontronics. Does not anyone have a way to get the other older release? This was a killer band.

Anonymous said...

I stll never found their second release. The band said they did plan on re-releasing it eventually. They have re-released this album on the clgsontronics label. With only a few fine tweaks. They asked me on mypace if I knew any vinyl distributors in the u.s. I know only of minimal wave. If anyone has a clue, then contact the band via myspace, or the clogsontronics label. I am sure they would appreciate it:)