Friday, February 23, 2007

Wilburn Burchette -Psychic Meditation Music,LP,1974,USA

Here is another Wilburn Burchette gem!
get it here


Anonymous said...

WOW, awesome album. thanx a lot!

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

This Wilburn Burchette made some very good records ; amazing atmospheres, sometimes on the edge of scaring... Brrrrr.... Thank you very much Mutantsounds for sharing this !

Anonymous said...

thank you so very very much for this Mutant!!!

I've put up Master Wilburn's "Music from Godhead" on Laser_Beak.

Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...


I posted a comment yesterday about how i only got Yin, i think there was a download problem, i tried downloading the albumn today and it worked - thanks so much for posting this do you have anymore of his stuff that you plan on sharing?