Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nu Creative Methods [Pierre Bastien]- Superstitions,Tape,1984,France,NWW list

A very limited tape release through ADN label.Sorry no pic sleve scans.
get it here


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I had always wanted to hear Pierre Bastien, I will admit because he had an album out on rephlex(same reason I wanted to hear Victor de Gama). Now that I have, I am supremely impressed. I have almost downloaded all that you have posted with him on it. Yr blog is unreal. It's also great to know what stuff on the NWW list is like.
anyways, here are some Bastien links that i scavenged up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mutant Sounds, this album is excellent as always.

+ also thanks to karmachine for the additional links

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful music!

...and to karmachine the file from needs a password, any clue what it is? The others are great -- and very much appreciated! -- , but this one won't open.

Again, thanks Mutant!


Anonymous said...

pw for TromaVille13

(Pierre Bastien - Sé Verla Al Revés
G3G Records (2005))

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thanks very much for this very fine share. it's so great!

helga cruel

1001 said...

pic sleeve:

thank you

Anonymous said...

reissue on cd by music à la coque