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Almuro Andreas-Kosmos, LP, 1969, France

Totally unknown French experimental act.Condsidered as proto minimal synth/industrial.Thanks to the anonymous user that send it to me.Extremely rare LP.Should have been in the NWW list!

Seatrain-Same (1969)+ Marblehead messanger (1971), LPs, USA

Sea Train were a short lived band that grew out of the remains of the Blues Project.They produced one self-titled album on A&M in 1969 that has become regarded as a minor classic, combining classical,folk,rock and jazz forms to create a quite unique musical artefact.

The Third Set Of Obscure DIY Classic 7"





(sorry no pic sleeve)
Another bunch of great rare DIY punk/post punk 7" from the early 80s!
For further infos ,just ask me!

Toy Love-same, LP,1980, New Zealand

Toy Love was a New Zealand alternative/punk rock band fronted by Chris Knox. Other members were guitarist Alec Bathgate, bass player Paul Kean, drummer Mike Dooley, and keyboard player Jane Walker. The band developed out of the earlier punk band The Enemy in Dunedin, New Zealand, and are often regarded as the progenitors of the Dunedin Sound movement.
Toy Love were together for less than two years (1978-9) and spent a large part of that time in Australia. They released just one (self-titled) album, however the band members were apparently appalled by the mixing of the tracks which took the edge off the band's deliberately raw sound.

visit their website:
Amazing punk from Down Under!Totally underrated!In some parts reminds me of Zounds sound!

Smegma - Pigs for lepers , LP , USA, 1982 (LAFMS band/NWW list!)

"Pigs For Lepers" was Smegma's second long player, originally the seventh release on their own Pigface Records imprint back in 1982.The actual "Pigs For Lepers" recordings span 1962 right up to 1982.This is an excellent introduction to the world of Smegma - a band whose influence has slowly seeped everywhere over the past few decades - ask Nurse With Wound, Wolf Eyes, Merzbow or any of the New Weird America crowd whom would give anything to be as 'weird' as Smegma!

The Cravats - Colossal Tunes Out , LPs, UK 1982

This is the 2nd LP by The Cravats (the most underrated punk group ever!).Anarcho-Jazz punk at it's best!

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V/A - The pulse of new york, LP, 1983, UK(US bands)

Very rare and great one minimal synth compilation released in 1983 in UK by Glass records ,containing US bands!
A1 Funktionaries - Kiss My Funky Pts 1&2 (7:20)
A2 Xex - Look At His Heartbeat (5:15)
A3 Bronx Irish Catholics - Ulster Defense (3:15)
A4 Noise R Us - The Plague (6:07)
B1 Deekay Jones - New York New York (5:23)
B2 Tiny Tribe - Bay Street (1:40)
B3 Seven And Three - Equator (5:50)
B4 Heretix - The Chapter One (9:30)


Strange,yet excellent, diy/minimal synth/wave sampler LP from 1984 with original insert.Released on AAZ RECORDS in Leeds.
Bands : Party Day / The Sinister Cleaners / The Marvelous Roofs / Len Liggins / The Chorus / Andrew Middleton / Two s Company / Nick Toczek / Victims of romance / Clive Tylor.

V/A-Integration tape, MC, UK,1983

Excellent and very rare minimal synth/experimental compilation realised in 1983 on Integrated Circuit label (IRC, other releases:We couldn't agree on a title LP,Flowmotin LP).

A1 Trevor Wishart -Anna´s Magic Garden
A2 Muslimgauze -Afrikaner
A3 Paul Kelday -Towards A New Clear Age
A4 David Jackman- Last Estuary
A5 Ampnoise - Floppy Disk Drive
A6 MFH - To Give Painless Light
A7 New 7th Music - Untitled No. 7
A8 Andrew Cox - Ritual Dance
A9 Andrew Cox - Silent Moorings
B1 Ian Boddy - Sundance
B2 Subject - What Happened To You?
B3 I Scream - Menace
B4 Human Flesh - Delon Enlarges
B5 Carl Matthews - Power of three
B6 Carl Matthews-Harmless Thought
B7 Monoplane - Fin
B8 Citizens Of Science - She Moves Like A Machine
B9 Colin Potter - Hills
B10 Stratis - By Water
B11 Dave Jones - Memories Of...

VA - Another Thing from the Crypt ,LP, UK,1981

This the second volume of the compilation posted a few days ago!Much rarer that than first one,and just as good! Realised through Dead Hedgehog Enterprises
kickin the blits AND too late by SILENT RAGE
crack the whip AND film music (pt. 2) by JESUS COULDN'T DRUM
out of contact AND lesson by COLD WAR
hit the deck AND forward to regression by THE SLEEPING PICTURES
stop press AND robot chef by VERTICAL HOLD
andrew summers AND night time by THE KEVIN STAPLES BAND

V/A- Welcome to Norwich ,a Fine city, LP ,UK,1981

This time the compilation NORWICH, A FINE CITY. It's a Norwich city local bands compilation from 1980. Only 500 pressed. This is ripped from the original vinyl. Bands incuded are: Higsons, Screen 3, Capitalist music, Mohair twins....It is consider as one of the best compilations that came out from the local UK DIY scene. It is very rare(exchanging hands for 100-150 euro).
Tracklist(purple colour for band names):
1. Plan 9 from outer space - The Happy Few
2. My love is bent (at both ends) - Higsons
3. Live and learn - Screen 3
4. Railway sex - Mohair Twins
5. Little games - Panic Parade
6. Learning to smile - Clynics
7. Jane's gone to France - Capitalist Music
8. Shades of black - Screen 3
9. Eastern exercise - Clynics
10. Five Hawian Bullets - Mohair Twins
11. Ultimate Sanction - Happy Few
12. Blue light brigade - Panic Parade
13. We will never grow old - Higsons
14. Do you really love that girl - Capitalist Music

V/A - The circus comes to town, LP, 1981, UK

Very obscure UK local compilation from 1981.
Bands:Rimshots / Black Roots / Treatment / Alarm Clox / Gold / Riz Wah Wah / Steve Booton & Pat Jones / Dangerous Brothers / Forty Blue Fingers / Info-Mania / Kevin McFadden / The Bite.
Sorry no pic sleeve scans.

V.A. - Street to street volume two - A Liverpool album ,LP, 1981, UK

A1 Egypt For Now - Days On Edge
A2 Cooling Towers -The Thesis
A3 Systems -Total Recall
A4 Chinese Religion - Eden
A5 Games - Unrest In the Real World
B1 Games -The Song
B2 Systems - Glare Of The Lights
B3 Cooling Towers- Make This Day End Soon
B4 Egypt For Now -Soldiers
B5 Chinese Religion - Chambers
Another great local compilation from UK "indie" early 80s scene!
Find volume one at TWILIGHTZONE! blog !

Tomaz Pengov- Odpotovanja, LP,1973, Slovenia

Tomaz Pengov, is an acoustic guitar player and singer/songwriter from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He recorded his first album Odpotovanja in 1973, reissued in 1981 in stereo. The original mono edition is very rare now. Pengov sings and plays 12 string guitar and lute. His music is original, the closest comparison is perhaps early Leonard Cohen. He took eight years (from 1980 to 1988) to record his second album, Pripovedi, recorded with guest musicians. The music is still acoustic, but more varied. Later in the 1990s, he recorded two more albums, "Rimska cesta"(1992) and "Biti tu"(1995).
from Wikipedia
A fantastic and very rare acid/psych folk LP!

Catherine Ribeiro + 2bis -same, LP, 1969, France ( NWW list!)

Catherine Ribeiro was born in 1939, the daughter of Portuguese immigrants. She starred in Jean Luc Godard's controversial film 'Les Carabiniers' aged 22, where she played a partisan. Here she met (and later married) guitarist and sound sculptor Patrice Moullet, the core member of the group they were to later form called Alpes. They released the first album Catherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis in 1969, but didn't use the name Alpes until the second album Nr.2. Her daughter Ioana was born sometime around 1971 and inspired many songs. Catherine is most well-known in France for her recording of Edith Piaf songs, but the music of Alpes under discussion here is much more revolutionary.
A review
I often say that the USA album is the greatest rock album made in the 60s, or that it's a toss-up between it and the VU + Nico album. Well, technically this album, more or less rock music I suppose we could say, was made in the 60s, and it makes the USA album seem like fluffy pop. I'm not saying that USA is at risk of losing its throne, but this a whole different breed of avant-rock royalty way off any scale we could construct. This is a holy grail of 20th century music. Never reissued, this needs to be heard by everyone even slightly interested in this aesthetic sphere.
It's misleading to call this rock music though, because rhythmically it doesn't use any conventional rock beats, and the percussion is used in a strikingly unusual way that gives a droney effect despite using a rapid stream of drum hits. That's drum, not drumkit. I don't think there's any drumkit used in this music. I suppose we could call this music "ecstatic psychedelic electric avant-folk music".
What's so amazing here is that the instrumental parts of the music are equally as idiosyncratic and startling as Ribeiro's bracing vocals. These people were from another planet. The avant-folk precursor to Magma.
Michael Anton Parker
IMHO just one of the 100 best records ever made!

The Scratch Orchestra - 1969 , 10" Mini LP(100 copies), 1999,UK (NWW list!)

The Scratch Orchestra was an experimental musical ensemble founded in the spring of 1969 by Cornelius Cardew, Michael Parsons and Howard Skempton.
The Orchestra reflected Cardew's musical philosophy at that time. This meant that anyone could join, graphic scores were used (rather than traditional sheet music), and there was an emphasis on improvisation. The Scratch Orchestra arose from Cardew's 'Experimental Music' class at Morley College, London, which served as a venue for extra rehearsals for Scratch Orchestra concerts, but Scratch Orchestra rehearsals were also held separately.
The first meeting of the Scratch Orchestra was at St. Katharine's Dock, 1 July 1969. It was announced by means of a 'Draft Constitution', published in "The Musical Times" in June 1969. The Draft Constitution set out categories of musical activity: Improvisation Rites, Popular Classics, Compositions, and Research Projects. Cardew also proposed that the responsibility of programming of concerts be assigned in reverse seniority, so that the first concert, on 1 November 1969 at Hampstead Town Hall, was designed by Christopher Hobbs, an eighteen-year-old student of Cardew's at the Royal Academy of Music.
Despite the emphasis on free improvisation, the varying experience of the members, and the 'do your own thing' free aesthetic of the time, the Scratch Orchestra was a disciplined ensemble. Eventually the strains of Cardew's "reverse seniority", tensions between musically-trained and non-musically-trained members, and an increasing interest in political aesthetics led to a gradual change in the activities, and then the outlook of the ensemble. It was effectively inoperative by 1974.
from Wikipedia
also for a more detailed biography check:

The Just Measurers - Flagellations, LP, UK, 1980 (NWW list!)

A Homosexuals/L Voag/Amos & Sara offshot!Released in 1980 on It's war boys label.Psych avant punk wierdness at it's best! Posted about a year ago at insect & individual blog, but since the links are "dead" he wouldn't mind ,i hope, reposting it.

The (Hypotetical) Prophets - Around the world with the (hypothetical) prophets ,LP,1982, France

The (Hypothetical) Prophets was the result of the collaboration between Bernard Szajner and Karel Beer. The following text excerpt in regards to Karel Beer, from an article published in the Herald Tribune, Aug 2005 by Mike Zwerin: "When he was co-leader of the France-based group the (Hypothetical) Prophets, he and his musical partner, Bernard Szajner, both used pseudonyms, and they were always photographed with their faces covered. Beer's father was traveling to Eastern Europe on business, and his family was Czechoslovakian and there were relatives still living there. "It was as though the Hypothetical Prophets had something against the Soviets," which, Beer says with a straight face, "was not really the case." The lyrics, in Russian, on one Prophet track were "the directions of how to build a nuclear reactor and what can happen if things go wrong," Beer says. "This was before Chernobyl. The information was already, you know, around. Another song listed Russian gulag railroad stations, where more people got off than got on. We could feel that there was some interest in 'certain quarters." Karel Beer today also says: “In the '80s I produced various records and started the Initial Recording Company, an indie label, and was in a fictitious group called The (Hypothetical) Prophets who signed with Epic in 1982. Currently I have a recording studio and promote stand-up comedy shows and concerts in Paris"
Another great minimal electronics LP, by the pioneer of of the genre Bernard Szajner!

Teddy Lasry - E=MCsquared, LP, 1976, France

Teddy Lasry used to play sax in Magma but after abandoning the band he switched to synthesizers for some reason, releasing a lot of Electronic Music albums, many of which were library releases. Magnificent record!

TAU-same, LP,1981,Germany

Very strange mellotron driven late kraut/progressive LP.Realised in Germany 1981.Very nice!
Any more infos will be much appreciated.

Lost Aaraaff - same, 1971, LP, JAPAN

Lost Aaraaff's Lost Aaraaff (1971) was devoted to three improvised jams. Their young guitarist, Keiji Haino (3) penned the eastern mass Ama No Gawa - Milky Way (1973). Then, inspired by free-jazz master Takayanagi Masayuki, Haino formed Fushitsusha (2) to play improvised psychedelic jams. Starting with Live I (1989), 100 minutes of noise that ranked among the masterpieces of the psychedelic jam of all times, a bacchanal that vomited debris of Blue Cheer, MC5, Iron Butterfly, free-jazz, Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix, this prolific trio (originally a quartet) released monumental and dissolute works that seemed to know no limits. Fushitsusha (1991) and Hisou - Pathetique (1994) were among the follow-ups, but later releases such as The Wisdom Prepared (1998) and I Saw It (2000) were equally torrential. In the meantime, Haino was also busy with Nijiumu and Vajra. His solo albums included the galactic suites Affection (1992) and Execration (1993), and his boldest experiment, I Said This Is The Son Of Nihilism (1995). As the influences of LaMonte Young and Brian Eno increased, Haino arrived at Abandon All Words At A Stroke So That Prayer Can Come Spilling Out (2001), which contains a hypnotic piece for hurdy-gurdy and treated voice, and an industrial collage of metallic noises, distortions and ghostly vocals. His collaborations included Animamima (2006), with a twenty-piece sitar orchestra.

An early work by Haino Keiji, this was recorded in 1971 but apparently not released until PSF Records put it upon themselves. Consisting of percussion, piano and voice this flows along in an almost jazzy vibe although the occasional shrieks of Haino puts this in the experimental section. A good entrance point for those jazzheads that would like to investigate the sombre works of Haino.

L'infonie - Vol. 33 mantra, LP, 1970, Canada, (NWW list!)

For it's second album, L'Infonie recorded Walter Boudreau's arrangement of Terry Riley's landmark piece for wind ensemble "In C," here re-titled "Mantra." Boudreau modified it in order to fit L'Infonie's possibilities, but he also added a rhythm section. Therefore, this is the grooviest version of "In C" ever recorded. The bass (electric) and drums support the piano's pulsation, while an assortment of percussion instruments are used to punctuate events as they happen in order to give the piece relief. Riley's score is made of 53 short events placed on a pulsation. Each player has to move from the first to the second to the third, etc., until he reaches number 53, but he can repeat each of them as many times as he wants. Therefore, the piece evolves through some kind of osmosis. This impression is very palpable in L'Infonie's interpretation. The studio they recorded in was using 30-minute tape reels, so the album fades out around number 48. In the liner notes, Boudreau announced the remaining part would be released on a future L'Infonie record, but that promise was never fulfilled.
— Franηois Couture/all music guide

Infonie was created during Quebec/Kébèk's expo '67. Inspired by the concept of hell by Refus global de Borduas, L'Infonie was a concrete manifestation of total acceptance. In the beginning they created a parallel world with a commercial culture, an aesthetic approach diving in all kinds of forms of expression, in a revitalizing happening mad creation.
A book with 333 3/3 pages and 33 illustrations was the curriculum vitae (birth, evolution, ending) of l'Infonie, something that would characterise Kébèk from 1969 until 1973. With 33 artists, all lucid dreamers, L'Infonie became a polyvalent spectacle with paintings, sculptures, theatre, poetry, and music (popular, concrete, electronic and contemporary, folk and free jazz). The first book was followed by 6 others, 8 discs, a dozen of films, painting expositions, 5 theatre pieces.Walter retlaW uaerdouB Boudreau was the musical motor of l'Infonie, Claude Edualk Ts-Nyamreg St-Germain was the delirious teller, and Raôul luôaR yauguD Duguay was the verbal motor. Together they formed a creative basic trinity.Vol.33 Mantra is based upon Riley's in C, with Raôul Duguay, trumpet. It should have been perfect for my show in many ways. "In C" is like a kind of mantra in favour of life and its manifestation. Still inspired by the '67 expo, where new ways of living were considered (meditation, drugs, macrobiotic cooking,..) this meant another modification of our perceptions within the time limitation of a music piece. "In C" has the advantage of being able to be repeated to express that all in all manifestation ("touttt é to bouttt" / everything is in everything). Musically it was inspired by La Monte Young's "House of Dreams", performed by musicians like Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Bob Ashley, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen ("Mantra" & "Stimmung"). With Pandit Pran Nath from Tibet La Monte Young and Terry Riley sang the "Ôm" pulsation, expressed trough "in C" in 53 motives. Express everything or "Express toutt" becomes the life impulse of a kind of locomotive of life calling "toutt-toutt-toutt", followed by 53 wagons. All motves, languages are reassembled and dissembled by one another, as a symbol of the eternal change, an omega of evolution. The goal through this piece was to get to that ever changing evolution pulse, transforming into a hymn to life. Life and its creation are celebrated through the forming of each cell and atom.

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Tattoo host vision on! -same, LP, 1980, UK

Another classic minimal synth/wave LP from 1980.Released by Ambergis label.Ada Wilson featured in the line up

Deep Freeze Mice - My geraniums are bulletproof ,LP,UK,1979

Credits from MOLE 1 - photocopied sleeve

Sherree Lawrence Alan Jenkins Graham Summers With Erica Stock: gongs Mick: backing vocals The first side was recorded at Rainbow Sound Studios, Nottingham (Eight track), and was engineered by Andy -----. All of the songs were written arranged and produced by us. The second side was recorded at the Leicester Polytechnic, Scraptoft music studio, Sherree's bedroom and Alan's bedroom; (on a cassette recorder). We also wrote, arranged and produced that. The entire opperation cost about #500, and we had 250 copies pressed. Please buy them. We want the money back. Mike and Graham are also members of the Leeds band "the Statics" 'if its worth doing, it's worth overdoing' Anyone know why Andy Croft's surname was obliterated from the engineering credits? Other Information Two inserts: 1. Photocopied sheet on coloured paper with graphics and lyrics for Emile Zola, My Geraniums are bulletproof , & Minstrel Radio Yoghurt Song lyrics published by Mole Embalming Records copyright 1979 etc. Emile Zola also appears in "french". "I vote conservative" was written in early July 1977 incidentally. Moreover "Emile Zola" was written late 1975, both songs having been performed by the Rushden group "Pus". gosh. 2. Photocopied sheet on coloured paper with graphic

Credits from MOLE 1 - regular sleeve

All tracks written, arranged and produced by the Deep Freeze Mice. Sherree Lawrence: piano etc. Alan Jenkins: guitar, bass, clarinet Graham Summers: drums etc. Erica Stock: gongs Mick Bunnage: backing vocals Andy Terry: engineer Special thanks to the Statics (the best Leeds group you haven't heard of) for providing Mick and Graham; and also to the maniac who faded both sides of this record without permission. This was recorded at Rainbow Sound in Nottingham, Leicester Polytechnic music department, and various bedrooms. Songs published by Cherry Red Sleeve by the Deep Freeze Mice with additional material by Chris Chapman. Photographs by the Deep Freeze Mice and a machine on the station.

Do not pay more than #6,000,000 for this record unless the bloody tory government gets in again.

Chocolate Mousse Serves one (Quantities can be multiplied for more servings) Ingredients: 1 oz. plain chocolate 1 teaspoon milk or water 1 egg, separated 1) Melt the chocolate slowly with the milk or water in a basin over pan of hot (not boiling) water, stirring to blend 2) Remove from the heat and beat in the egg yolk 3) Whisk egg white until stiff and carefully fold into chocolate Pour into a small dish and leave to cool 'if its worth doing, it's worth overdoing'
I think that's enough (for today:))

Deep Freeze Mice - War, famine, death, pestilence, and miss Timberlake, LP,UK,1987

Tracks 17-27 are CD edition extras!
Alan Jenkins Sherree Lawrence Michael Bunnage Peter Gregory with Neil Stout: guest lead guitar on Fish in the air/birds in the sea, (and he also engineered it all)
All songs written by The Deep Freeze Mice and published by Octagonal Rabbit Music 1987. Front cover by Michael. Back cover illustration by Regale. The illustration above is a design for a new kind of pasta. Regale attempted to introduce it into Italy in 1938 but Mussolini was so angry that he had to flee the country with the design concealed in his nose. Regale later admitted that he did it with his left hand while he was unconcious during a surgical operation. (this was towards the end of his career as an anaesthetist). It was also used as the score for 'It's Snowing' (part three).

Deep Freeze Mice-I love you litle BoBo with your delicate golden lions, 2LP, UK,1984

Side 1 (Orange)Something else instead (3.29)
I love you little Bobo with your delicate golden lions (0.53)
Why do you squeak? (2.02)
Most people aren't fit to live part one (0.57)
Entropy of cubes (1.03)
Most people aren't fit to live part two (2.53)
Polanski's dog (2.47)
Twenty three exceptions (1.34)
O.P. 1 (0.20)
O.P. 2 (0.03)
Who's afraid of humans ? (4.39)
Side 2 (Yellow)(24.55)
Side 3 (Lemon)
A trillion sprods (13.23)
a) The dalmation b ) Natural forces c) 186,000 endings per second (4.19)
Thunderbirds (3.32)
Side 4 (Cream)This is terrible (3.24)
All through summer (2.53)
Zoology (2.25)
Whose afraid of humans? (reprise) (0.51)
Roget's thesaurus (3.27)
A motor throbbed above the rim of the brush (3.44)
A trillion sprods (version) (3.03)
Sherree Lawrence: organ, piano vocals Michael Bunnage: bass, lead guitar on 'Trillion Sprods (version)' Peter Gregory: drums Alan Jenkins: vocals guitar and also John Grayland: trumpet, euphonium, oric programs (OP1+OP2) Andrew Nicholls: Alto sax Paul Devlin: cello side two Mark Orphan: double bass side two Ricky Willson: engineering Neil Stout: engineering (side two) David Wells: editting
Recorded at Barkby Road and Neil's studio, Leicester, in between October 1983 and April 1984 (in about 8 days). Produced by the Mice and Ricky Willson All songs by the Deep Freeze Mice....... Published by Octagonal Rabbit Music 1984
Do i have to say more?????????/

V/A - A selection - 1981,LP ,Australia

Another M Squared records minimal synth/experimental compilation!Contributors,amongst others:Systematics, Limp,SPK(Solipsik),etc.Track list on the sleeve presented.

Cruciferius - A nice way of life,LP, 1970, France,(Zeuhl classic!)

A classic ZEUHL LP from 1970. Christian Vander (MAGMA) is on the line up...more infos will be appreciated