Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mixed Band Philanthropist - The Impossible Humane, LP, 1986, Germany

This long gestating LP (three years) is the work of the Rupenus brothers (New Blockaders), a 30 minute sound collage using tape sound sources from most of the active tape traders in the experimental "scene" of the time. Pretty hard to identify the Organum contribution.
Submitted raw sound material specifically for this projest by:
A.O.T. + Bird Cage Walk + Andrew Chalk + Dada Duo + Manon + The New Blockaders + Nihilist Assault Group + Noise Perverts + Nurse With Wound + Organum + Penis Art + Sperm Culture + Verdenskang (UK) + Etant Donnes (France) + Mieses Gegonge + H.N.A.S. + P16.D4 + Lorelei N.Schmidt + SBOTHI + Asmus Tietchens (Germany) + Orchestra of the Obvious + Vortex Campaign (Belgium) + Vittore Baroni + Giancarlo Toniutti (Italy) + Dan Froberg (Sweden) + Architects Office + Peter Catham + Controlled Bleeding + Mystery Hearsay + Tom Recchion + Smegma (USA) + The Haters (Canada) + Merzbow (Japan) .
The LP was limited to 300 copies in hand painted sleeves and was released through Selection label.


Shane said...

My Lord! You are a sharing fiend!

I've downloaded lots w/o leaving a comment because I haven't even had a chance to listen to stuff yet. But thank you thank you thank you...I can't believe all this stuff you've got available.

I can't keep up, brotha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this, would love to see more New Blockaders on this site!

Greg said...

THANK YOU! I've been looking for this for years, and have been especially desperate to hear it lately since I've been playing a lot of P16.D4, Sylvie & Babs, and Faust Tapes. Any other great recommendations for this style?