Tuesday, January 30, 2007

V/A-Integration tape, MC, UK,1983

Excellent and very rare minimal synth/experimental compilation realised in 1983 on Integrated Circuit label (IRC, other releases:We couldn't agree on a title LP,Flowmotin LP).

A1 Trevor Wishart -Anna´s Magic Garden
A2 Muslimgauze -Afrikaner
A3 Paul Kelday -Towards A New Clear Age
A4 David Jackman- Last Estuary
A5 Ampnoise - Floppy Disk Drive
A6 MFH - To Give Painless Light
A7 New 7th Music - Untitled No. 7
A8 Andrew Cox - Ritual Dance
A9 Andrew Cox - Silent Moorings
B1 Ian Boddy - Sundance
B2 Subject - What Happened To You?
B3 I Scream - Menace
B4 Human Flesh - Delon Enlarges
B5 Carl Matthews - Power of three
B6 Carl Matthews-Harmless Thought
B7 Monoplane - Fin
B8 Citizens Of Science - She Moves Like A Machine
B9 Colin Potter - Hills
B10 Stratis - By Water
B11 Dave Jones - Memories Of...


Anonymous said...

I wish I could find an old issue of the Flowmotion fanzine. If someone has one, please post some photos of the pages of it somewhere.


Mr Fab said...

Finally got around to this once I saw that it was a sequel of sorts to "Flowmotion," one of my boyhood faves. Thanks a mucho!

Anonymous said...

Visit 5XOD on myspace to hear much, much more from Ampnoise (aka MAP)and Citizens of Science (aka Tribesman Rob). It's like the 80s have never gone away! Thanks for keeping the memories alive.

charlie m. said...

do you know if there are any other rips of any of the Monoplane material?

SonceGrib said...

Thanks!!! Very Interesting Tape 80s electronic dark wave minimal analog sounds...