Tuesday, January 30, 2007

V/A - The pulse of new york, LP, 1983, UK(US bands)

Very rare and great one minimal synth compilation released in 1983 in UK by Glass records ,containing US bands!
A1 Funktionaries - Kiss My Funky Pts 1&2 (7:20)
A2 Xex - Look At His Heartbeat (5:15)
A3 Bronx Irish Catholics - Ulster Defense (3:15)
A4 Noise R Us - The Plague (6:07)
B1 Deekay Jones - New York New York (5:23)
B2 Tiny Tribe - Bay Street (1:40)
B3 Seven And Three - Equator (5:50)
B4 Heretix - The Chapter One (9:30)


Anonymous said...

i just noticed your wantlist, i got some songs by douglas bregger though in mp3.

Anonymous said...

could you please post funktionaries - kiss my funky in a .wav file

_| said...
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jerome green said...

Hi MutantSounds,

Thanks so much for a real underground comp!!! There are obviously more of these gems out there; if only more people were interested today and even back in the day.

Peace, Jerome

Michel said...

Just another gem from Glass records Thanks to post it!

SonceGrib said...

Good Compilation!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate these amazing Glass Records releases. Thanks for sharing this lost treasure.

bigquestions said...

Hello out there, is there any possible way a kind soul can repost the link for this amazing lost treasure? The current one is now dead. It would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!