Monday, January 29, 2007

Deep Freeze Mice - War, famine, death, pestilence, and miss Timberlake, LP,UK,1987

Tracks 17-27 are CD edition extras!
Alan Jenkins Sherree Lawrence Michael Bunnage Peter Gregory with Neil Stout: guest lead guitar on Fish in the air/birds in the sea, (and he also engineered it all)
All songs written by The Deep Freeze Mice and published by Octagonal Rabbit Music 1987. Front cover by Michael. Back cover illustration by Regale. The illustration above is a design for a new kind of pasta. Regale attempted to introduce it into Italy in 1938 but Mussolini was so angry that he had to flee the country with the design concealed in his nose. Regale later admitted that he did it with his left hand while he was unconcious during a surgical operation. (this was towards the end of his career as an anaesthetist). It was also used as the score for 'It's Snowing' (part three).

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Anonymous said...

Hi, did you know that tracks 20 and 24-26 are missing from this file? (Deep Freeze Mice, War Famine etc.) Thanks, though.