Monday, January 29, 2007

Cruciferius - A nice way of life,LP, 1970, France,(Zeuhl classic!)

A classic ZEUHL LP from 1970. Christian Vander (MAGMA) is on the line up...more infos will be appreciated


Anonymous said...

One of the most wonderful french record from the 70's ! Thanks a lot for that !

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Vander had done anything outside Magma during that period. Very bluesy in a jazzy, Zeuhl way!

At moments I hear hints of Kobaia-era Magma from the Rhodes piano...
An interesting accompanyment to pre-MDK Magma.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much;Christian vander
is one of my favorite drummers and
I've been looking for it for a long

Anonymous said...

I had never seen this album, and doubted of its existence.
line up is actually:
Marc Perru / François Bréant / Bernard Paganotti / Patrick Jean.

Christian Vander was an original member of the band but left before this recording. I think he doesn't play at all on this album.

mina said...

this is a great album, thanks a lot for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Who or what is this Zeuhl? Everyone says such good things how could one resist?

vdoandsound said...

shuggiemac- for more info go




Hanimex 3000 said...

Anybody noticed that? there's a strange artefact during the 1st track (c. 5'40").
Same remark for the last tune "Annabel Lee" (c. 3'50"). Pb during encoding or zipping

I didn't remember the guitarist was so out on "Big Bird", it spoils a bit the global impression. I prefer the sound of their single recorded in 1969, though the vocalist doesn't sing better, I guess he has a pb with the letter "r"... like me


peskypesky said...

you are so awesome!! you give us so much Zeuhl! even Obama hasn't given me Zeuhl.

Oozlum said...

what have you given to zeuhl peskypesky ? Thanks to mutant sounds for this wonderful zeuhl classic !

boogieman said...

I remember seeing this Lp in cut-out bins in Brussels, decades ago ... never paid any attention, thought it was some french pop music, with such a sleeve and name. Cruciferius! ... Never guessed it was Zeuhl / Magma related.
Thanks for sharing and improving my knowledge of obscure musical artefacts.

* said...


A pretty precise and comprehensive post on Cruciferius here :

Hope it helps.

Guy said...

Chistian Vander a quitté Crucifèrius avant d' entrer en studio. Il est remplacé par Patrick Jean qui participe donc à cet album. Auparavant, il était batteur du King Set, groupe dans lequel le claviers/chanteur était un certain Michel Jonas.