Thursday, January 25, 2007

Holy toy-Warszawa LP+Soldier toy 12",Norway/Poland ,1982

Andrej Nebbs legendary experimental/ electronics group acheived cult status in England and the rest of Europe with their first album "Warsava" (Uniton 1982). Later the band did two albums on Sonet, "Panzer and Rabbits" and "Why Not In Choir", both released in England, Continental Europe and Scandinavia. Sonet later licensed "Warsava" for the company’s A Norwegian Classic-series.Members of Holy Toy later formed WHEN.
Sorry no pic scan of the 12",any help appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Warsawa LP released with booklet in Norway and with printed innersleeve in England. Warsawa later on Sonet CD reissue series, thats right. Also released in Poland on CD. Holy Toy has released a lot of alums and two 12" and finaly a video called Hoax. There is also some cassette bootlegs around.

When is a solo project for Lars Pedersen. The first drummer/percussionist in Holy Toy. He has been in and out of the band so many times that i guess he has lost track f his appearences with Holy Toy.

Moe info on Holy Toy here;

Anonymous said...

Sleeve here

Thanks for download.

NXP said...

CD reissue with all the four 12" singles/LP included in one remastered CD is out on May. 11. 2009

the saucer people said...

How could I have forgotten this classic 12 Inch. I loved this when it came out here in England in 1983 if memory serves. I was listening to a lot of German bands at the time : Xmal-Deutscheland/Malaria/EN etc & this seemed to fit into the sonic library perfectly...thanks for the anamnesis (a concept from Plato which seems to perfectly sum up what this blog is all about on one level). Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!