Sunday, January 28, 2007

Richard Pinhas :L' ethique, LP, 1982, France (NWW list!)

Richard Pinhas is internationally recognized as one of France's major experimental musicians: the "father" of French electronic music. He was the founder of Heldon, a band whose violent fusion of electronics and guitar in the '70s rivaled the German electronic school. As a guitar player he has been compared to Robert Fripp. Cited as an influence by many electronic musicians, Richard Pinhas has helped to define the Spacemusic genre. Since founding the seminal spacerock band Heldon in 1974, Pinhas has released over 15 albums, had involvement in dozens more and shaped the way we listen to music today.
At one time a professor of philosophy at The Sorbonne, Pinhas left academia to found Heldon and pursue music full-on. Influenced by the political climate, science fiction literature and the ambient music of Fripp & Eno, Pinhas' music is "specifically emotional yet tinged with theory. He has developed an attitude towards music that goes far beyond the sounds one actually hears to an almost mystical conceptualization of the meaning behind the sounds."


Anonymous said...

this is one of the few lp's I have on your blog, but an excellent one nonetheless!... awesome stuff!

gomonkeygo said...

Just a general comment that your blog is incredible. Thanks for the work. Though I've only just started, I know I can't put the same time and effort into my own site. I'm astonished by your dedication.

I'll be getting some of those NWWlist albums very shortly from you.

Thanks again!


musicgnome said...

Pinhas: As usually the case, even when familiar with the artist (owning the album, Event and Repetitions, in this particular case), your share remains new and enlightening.

Thank you, once again.

Anonymous said...

hi, great blog..
googled moral - and life is...
wich was a real "wanted list" item for long time
and found them in your beautiful blog

q: know the flue?
mean: "flue - vista" (torso records) (1983)

my "number one" record of the 80s !!

anyway keep up the holy distribution
all regards

Anonymous said...

Hey Mutant Sounds,

I uploaded this just for you and your fans.

It is a rare French electronic, experimental gem by Andreas Almuro on Ades Records called "Kosmos."

Sells for a lot of $$$$ on eBay when it turns up. I have the album and made this rip for you guys. Unfortunately, it never was able on CD.

If you would like, please feel free to feature on your main forum:...

Album cover photos:

Download here:

Enjoy! And thank you so much for the GREAT blog! Wow!

mutantsounds said...

WOW!thank you very much!i did not know this one! when was it released?i'm downloading it and put it as main post ASAP!
thank you thank you thank you
please send some infos to write me through mail (top right corner:view my complete profile)
thanks again

Anonymous said...

Hi, My email keeps timing out at the moment, so I thought I would just post the link here...

Here is what it says about the Andreas Almuro record:



It came out in 1968, I think. Not much information about it on the net -- because it's pretty rare.

dude diligence said...

Is there some way this could be uploaded again? The file is no longer up. Thank you so much for site is so wonderful.

Max said...

As usual, a great post. But I missed this one the 1st time around & it's down now. Any chance for a reup?

Anonymous said...

the father of french electronic music??? electroacoustic, musique concrete???!!!! rivaling the german electronic school???!!! sure, pinhas is interesting for his specific genre, yes. but whoever wrote such comments doesn't have a foggy clue of what he is talking about. these are completely different areas of music and the father of french electronic music came along long before the 70s or even the 60. musique concrete happened from 1948. so did the electronic school of cologne in germany. spacemusic or whatever has nothing to do with that. but then this is just a blog right...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Pinhas/'L'ethique' DL I've got the LP but am just too lazy to put it in my computer! Love your blog and can't imagine the amount of work it takes. We music lovers appreciate it.

the saucer people said...

This is what I love about the French, they see nothing wrong with a post-structuralist academic engaging in avant-garde electronica through the lens of science-fiction..any other country and he would be accused of dilettanteism and straying outside his or her boundaries. I only recently found out that he collaborated and was good friends with the late theorist Giles Deleuze. I heard a couple of tracks that Pinhas did using Deleuze's voice posthumously but I believe he actually collorated on a couple of albums with Deleuze, while alive. I would love to hear that.
Anyway, back to the album, some of the tracks sound like they were released next Thursday. The opening track and Wetern Wail (Part One) would not sound out of place in a cosmic disco setting...its interesting that in England and America, there are no real analogs to artists like Richard Pinhas, JP Massiera & Bernard Fevre...I guess Eno & maybe Fripp in the UK...America maybe Half-Japanese, Maureen Tucker, Patti Smith...but not really..thank god for the French!

the saucer people said...

I really should spend some time looking before I post a comment! Anyway, seems Giles Deleuze and Richard Pinhas collaborated a few times but the Deleuzian sounding "Rhizosphere" from 77 was the first release. I managed to find a download of the album through
Actually, looks like there is some good material on this wordpress blog. Here is the mediafire link if you cannot bear to look at more blogs!

Art Simon said...

Thanks! Cool Post!

Anonymous said...

We play a cover of one of Richard Pinhas' songs from L'Ethique on our new CD "The Heavy Soul Sessions" by our group Djam Karet.
We play a version of his "Dedicated to K.C."
And, yes...we play it with his permission.

Richard Pinhas also PLAYS on our new side-project group Ukab Maerd new CD called "The Waiting Room".
Check it out!


the saucer people said...

In a previous couple of posts I mention the fact that the late French philosopher Giles Deleuze as well as influencing Richard Pinhas on a theoretical level also appears on some Heldon/Pinhas tracks providing the spoken word (presumably from Anti-Oedipus and/or A Thousand Plateaus)...he infact appears on two tracks on this very album namely L'Ethique (Part 1) & L'Ethique (Part 3)..unfortunately though I have been a long time reader of Deleuze and his collaborator Felix Guattari, I don't speak French so I failed to recognise his voice or of course what he was saying!

It is interesting that in the 90s Deleuze & Guattari's theories were seen as applicable to techno music and yet it seems electronica/prog was more his thing....

Also great to read in the comments above that Richard Pinhas is still active to this day sonically speaking...maybe the person who wrote about his band could put up an MP3 of the "Dedicated to K.C."
cover and/or a track from their direct collaboration with Pinhas...maybe it would create some myself anyway!