Friday, January 26, 2007

Frame of Mind - same , LP, 1972, Germany

Without any doubt,the best album of KRAUTROCK of all the times!! some members of this group after went to played with PELL MELL in "only a star" album.Highly recommended .
Andy Kirnberger (guitars, vocals, piano),
Cherry Hochdörfer (organ, piano, Mellotron, spinet),
Peter Lotz (bass, vocals, percussion),
Dieter Becker (vocals, percussion),
Wolfgang Claus (drums, percussion).


musicgnome said...

"Without any doubt,the best album of KRAUTROCK of all the times!!"!!!???? Dear sir, I am intrigued and quite excited to take this Pepsi Challenge.

john said...

Is this really your favorite krautrock album? It's ok, but personally I think the other krautrock you've posted is much better!

mutantsounds said...

of course not...there are many many better kraut rock alboums...but this is a very good one too...the things i write there are from various resources and reviews