Friday, January 26, 2007

V/A :EAST, LP, 1980 UK (Dead Good records Good1)

1. CIGARETTES "Stay Inside"
2. FATAL CHARM "Madam Blues"
3. WHIZZ KIDS "Comalife"
4. B-MOVIE "Man On A Threshold"
5. CIGARETTS "Looking At You"
8. B-MOVIE "Refugee"
9. WHIZZ KIDS "Someone"
10. HALF LIFE "Steve Biko"
11. VICK SINEX & THE NASAL SPRAYS "High Rise Failure" (Dub)
12. PSEUDO EXISTORS "Beyond The Zone"
13. CIGARETTES "Frivolous Disguises"
14. FATAL CHARM "Stoned Living"
15. FATAL CHARM "Spend The Night Alone"
Needless to say anything!One of the 10 best UK punk/DIY compilation 1978-1982!

4 comments: - said...

Thanks for posting this. I was around at the time & into the most obscure stuff going, but - until now - I had never heard of this album. Listening as I type - some very interesting music!!

Snake said...

Thanks, i discovered this compilation in the excellent Gimarc's book Punk Diary. Do you have more cigarettes stuff?

Patrick said...

Haha, thanks for this: I was in Half Life!
I wrote Steve Biko & played the picking guitar, though I didn't sing it (couldn't sing & play at the same time, in them days...)
I'd emigrated by the time this came out; the others posted me a copy, but I lost it years ago. Big thanks to Frank Liquide in Montreal, for bring this to my attention: first time I've heard it in at least 20 yrs.
Cheers, Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Hey i still have my mint condition yinyl copy of this album. Bought it originally for the Pseudo Existors tracks but an overall great album.
A treasured possession still.