Saturday, January 27, 2007

V/A:Angst In My Pants EP , UK, 1980

The Instant Automatons - Restless Night
The Instant Automatons - Scared To Be Alone
The Door And The Window - C.C.H.
Mic Woods - Cracked Actor?
Mic Woods - Weekday Lovecrush
The Midnight Circus - Silicone Baby
The Midnight Circus - The Hedonist Jive
The 012 - 9 To 5The
012 - In The Ghetto
The Digital Dinosaurs - The Sideways Man
Lily Malone & Angus McSteering-Wheel - No Got Champagne
Colin Potter - Is It You, Is It Me?
Colin Potter - I Am Your Shadow
Colin Potter - Quick One
Missing Persons - The Blue-Eyed Boy Addresses Himself To The Matter In Hand
Missing Persons - Angst In My Pants

Excellent DIY compilation released through Deleted records as 2ble 7" e.p. with stickers for the labels ,etc.


musicgnome said...

Thanks to your posts, I'm starting to gain an understanding and vast appreciation for recordings of this nature. Thank you for the education.

Anonymous said...

Hello - thanks so much for posting this. I wrote an article a few years back for a US mag called UGLY THINGS on Fuck Off records and its offshoots/relations: this is a can of worms that needs well & truly opening. So glad to see someone trying to prise the lid off! Danny & the Dressmakers?
The Sell-Outs? I live in hope.

Anonymous said...

i used to play drumms for mic woods

in fact im writing a book about these ppl at that time its weird check it out

J.H.M. said...

Excellent compilation. Thank you!

seenky said...

Good folks of mutant, any chance of a re-up? Pretty please...