Saturday, January 27, 2007

Conrad Schnitzler-R0t(1973) + Gelb (1974 /1981), LPs, Germany (NWW list!....)

Without him industrial scene would never existed!
Rot:private pressing KS 1002 (1973)LP circulation 500 copies

Gelb:Edition Block EB 110 (1981)LP circulation 500 copies re-issue of The Black Cassette, 1974
Conrad Schnitzler has been an institution in the German electronic music scene for thirty years. He studied with Joseph Beuys in the mid 1960’s, and in the late sixties joined the then fledgling German rock band Tangerine Dream. He added a bizarre, conceptual approach to Tangerine Dream that catapulted the band to legendary status, documented on the bands first album “Electronic Meditation”. Schitzler left after that first album, forming with his friends Moebius and Roedelius the band Kluster. Kluster recorded and released three albums before Schnitzler again left, this time to pursue his own work under his own name. Kluster continued with just Roedelius and Moebius under the name Cluster. Since the demise of Kluster, Schnitzler has released dozens of albums, cassettes and CDs, both on his own and on various labels around the world. For a complete history and discography of Schnitzler, please refer to the excellent book on Schnitzler, titled “Con-sequence”, written by Rolf Sonnemann and Peter Stöferle, available from: Rolf Sonnemann, Kaspar- Bitter-Str. 6, 38685 Langelsheim, Germany

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john said...

Rot is an absolute monster of an album, one of my longtime favorites. I'd certainly include it in my krautrock top 10. Hopefully lots of people will discover this album from your post!
Do you have Con '72 Part II or the Eruption albums that were issued on Qbico?

mutantsounds said...

no i do not have them...but i'd love to get them:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this and my compliments for your excellent blog - one of the best around! Considering you take 'requests': 'Grun' and 'Schwarz' are on my wantlist :-)

Anonymous said...

Both these Schnitzler albums are brilliant - if you've got more of his stuff I'd love to hear it.

This blog is great - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

"Gelb" is just brilliant, probably Conrad Schnitzler's best. I'll have to order a proper CD now. I'm not as thrilled with "Rot" but it's an interesting first album. Thank you for posting these.

BTW, I'll second the request above for Grun. I'd love to here Blau as well.

[uzine] said...

hey & check the link to Schnitzler interviews via

the saucer people said...

Better late than ever! For those people who in 2007 requested a rip of Grün by Conrad Schnitzler I have finally found a blogger who has kindly posted the remastered Captain Trip reissue in glorious 320kbps! Given the fact the only other way of hearing it is paying $150 through Discogs for the single copy on sale it is not a bad deal.

This one is so ahead of the curve it is untrue though there seems to be some confusion over dates...I have read somewhere that the two tracks were recorded between 72 & 73, somewhere else that the first track Der Riese Und Seine Frau was recorded in 1976 and the second track Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht was recorded in 1980...and finally somewhere else that the two tracks were recorded in 1975....!

Any of you mutants have any ideas to throw in concerning the date?

al66 said...

Mediafire link for Rot:

Mediafire link for Gelb:

Unknown said...

I have come over one original copy of Grün Album and one of Gelb Album in mint cond. Is there anyone interested in buying them? What would be a correct price?
You can contact me at

I also have alot of other electronica and krautrock if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...