Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reform Art Unit-Impressions ,LP,1978 , Austria(NWW List!)

Improvisation/free jazz band from Austria.
Anthony Braxton
Fritz Novotny
Muhammad Malli
Paul Fickl
Walter Schiefer
Clifford Thornton
Heinz Jδger
1978 – September 30
First International Music WorkshopKrems (Austria)
Sorry could not find the pic sleeve!
Included in the NWW list!


Anonymous said...

It's a rainy night in New York City and I'm listening to NWW-list classics and toasting you and your marvelous blog.

Thanks for your time and your generosity.

Norberto said...

Some time looking for this one (Reform Art Unit). thank you!!! Amazing blog!!!
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greetings from Buenos Aires

Anonymous said...

great stuff but the one included NWW List is another, called RAILWAY EAST (R.A.U. 1005, 1975), the posted one is RAU 1010, 1978)

Anonymous said...

i found a picture related to this album:
but where they got it i don't know...
thank you!