Thursday, January 25, 2007

V/A:Streets,LP, UK 1977

You asked for it is!
A1 The Doll - Trash
A2 The Members - Fear on the Streets
A3 Lurkers - Be My Prisoner
A4 Arthur Comics - Isgodaman
A5 Art Attacks - Arabs in 'Arrads
A6 The Dogs - 19
A7 The Reaction - Talk Talk Talk Talk
A8 Cane - College Girls
B1 Slaughter and the Dogs - Cranked Up Really High
B2 The Nosebleeds - Ain't Bin to No Music School
B3 The Drones - Lookalikes
B4 The Zeros - Hungry
B5 The Pork Dukes - Bend and Flush
B6 The Exile - Disastermovie
B7 Drive - Jerkin
B8 John Cooper Clarke - Innocents
B9 Tractor - No More Rock n' Roll
check also Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt blog for extented infos


Anonymous said...

Great post (yet again) thanks.
Sound quality is a lot better than my (near) 30 year old C90!
Don't suppose you've got Raw Deal too?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for answering my request. Also it is very appreciated all the posts you have made from the NWW list.

mutantsounds said...

well, as a matter of fact,....I HAVE RAW DEAL...will ripi it will be at your amusement services:)

ib said...

A year later... All I can say is thanks; I haven't heard this album in over 30 years, when it was seldom off the turntable for a couple of weeks. Cheers.

Portable Me said...

I remember this so well, and yet I'd totally forgotten too. The tunes, the Savage Pencil cover. The euphoria. But where in heavens name did my copy go? I think I'm going to cry ...

Asides - some of the early Object links have gone: Steve Miro and the Eyes, a compilation maybe, all from January 2007 i believe. Any chance of resurrection?

No matter, thanks

Beers for Punks said...

could you upload this album again?
the link in rapidshare dont run anymore...
thanks and excuse my bad english


Bodhi amol said...

Hello,since i am working through this blog comprehensly,i found this sampler ia m interessted to hear_do you have the files still to reup?

Handicapper said...

HI, Great site!

Is there any way you could re-up STREETS, UK, 1977 ?
A bunch of us are interested. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

any chance to re-up this album???

Grrrlrobyn said...

Hello ! I happened upon your blog while searching for this LP. I have a copy for sell.
Anyone interested ?

Alfonso777 said...

I finally found the
"Street to Street (1979) – A Liverpool Album. Vol 1."

and can be downloaded in this blog:

Street to Street Vol 1