Tuesday, January 30, 2007

VA - Another Thing from the Crypt ,LP, UK,1981

This the second volume of the compilation posted a few days ago!Much rarer that than first one,and just as good! Realised through Dead Hedgehog Enterprises
kickin the blits AND too late by SILENT RAGE
crack the whip AND film music (pt. 2) by JESUS COULDN'T DRUM
out of contact AND lesson by COLD WAR
hit the deck AND forward to regression by THE SLEEPING PICTURES
stop press AND robot chef by VERTICAL HOLD
andrew summers AND night time by THE KEVIN STAPLES BAND


Anonymous said...

the link has been killed by rapidshire :-( can you upload it again? thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

I was in one of the bands on this album (The Sleeping Pictures) and I just wanted to point out that it was released in 1984. I believe that members of The Kevin Staples band later went on to be involved with 'C86' contributors and John Peel regulars, The Shrubs. Two of Cold War were also in Hagar The Womb (big anarcho-punk band in the early-mid eighties)Chris Knowles, bassist in Cold War, is now dance music god 'Chris Liberator' Don't know what the other members of The Sleeping Pictures are doing, but I'm in an Oxfordshire based experimental pop band called 'Pop-Wreck!' Look out for them...

Neil Anderson

SonceGrib said...

Good Compilation!