Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Just Measurers - Flagellations, LP, UK, 1980 (NWW list!)

A Homosexuals/L Voag/Amos & Sara offshot!Released in 1980 on It's war boys label.Psych avant punk wierdness at it's best! Posted about a year ago at insect & individual blog, but since the links are "dead" he wouldn't mind ,i hope, reposting it.


musicgnome said...

Awesome share! I actually did nab that from the I & I blog (and then found the actual album, afterwords).

Well worth a listen. As is the HS album (which has been re-released). Can't speak to L Voag/Amos & Sara bits, though.

Thanks, as always

Anonymous said...

Fantastic listen! Sorta like the Residents meet Picky Picnic. Too bad Insect & Individual blog is comatose. I'd really like to hear the Costin Miereanu and Iskra albums. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I think that was a hint. The L Voag album is great and can still be purchased through Recommended.

Psyence Guy said...

Wowww! Great album. Thanks.