Friday, January 26, 2007

Tolerance-Divin, LP ,Vanity records ,Japan ,1981 (NWW list!)

NOW WITH THE RIGHT PIC SLEEVE!This is a magnificent absolutely rare records from the NWW list.Experimental/minimal electronics all through.Any more infos will be valuable!


musicgnome said...

I, ummm...I....phew...I don't know what to say.

herr Ärmel said...

hmmm, sorry it's me again, but I listen now to the object singles album and you make me so lucky, DANK and you're the no.1 of my link list
herr Ärmel

Ellaguru said...

thanx for the incredible sounds i discovered with your blog!! we have to re-write pop music history!; your opinion, which are the 2 or 3 albums of N.W.W. to have? i want to know it, 'cause everytime i ask no one seems to be know this band or to give this group (or stapleton) the importance it merits. Could you post something?

Anonymous said...

This is Divin the second LP from 1981 : it's not Anonym from 1980.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am speechless too! This is just so amazing that I am freaking out a bit. If someone has the albums by SAB or Normal Brain, please post them here on Mutant Sounds. Both of those bands featured the main member of Tolerance and they were on Vanity Records too but like most cool Japanese music, it's very hard to find albums by them.


mutantsounds said...

a record by Normal Brain coming today.
Any other Vanity releases will be more than welcome,espesially the Vanity box compilation!
Josef thank you very much for the infos!

mutantsounds said...

some suggestions for ellaguru:
must hve NWW Lps:
the first 3 lps(chance meeting on a dissecting tble of a sewing machine and an umbrella,merzbild schwet,to the quiet men from a tiny girl), homotopy to Marie LP, Brained with falling massonry mini lp,Alas the madonna does not function.
these are a good start i think!

Jack Celliers said...

Pulse Static *Tranqillia
**Gig's Tapes In"C"
Sound Round Ice Is □□■
Dice Is *□*
Nice Perfum
Voice Preserve
Gate To The Ray
Sound Round Surround +++-
Boku Wa Zurui Robot
*Stolen From Kad□
With His Skillful Hands
It Lose □□ Control
Motor Fan
Tiez Rekcuz
Miez Rekcuz
Mit Ihn * Tra□□ Control Tra □□ Umen ***
recorded 30/12 /80
2,5,6/1 /81
mixed 8,9,12/1
mixer: Cimei-Bushman 19Ylam
luminal: j-Tange
input: M-Yoshikawa
, Hypersp+
cover concepts: Fusifix, Gekko-U4
produced by AGI Yuzuru

阿木譲氏が主宰したマイナー・レーベルVanity Recordsより1981年にリリースされていた、丹下順子、吉川マサミからなるToleranceの2nd LP [Divin]。今やコレクター・アイテムとなっている激レア盤ですが、本作はレーベル等、詳細が全く不明な謎のリイシュー盤。全8トラックを収録していますが、殆どのトラックが図太いアナログ質のリズムとシンセで構成されており、現代のミニマル・ダブやブレイク・ビーツを感じるようなものもあれば、電子音楽マニアをくすぐるような音響トラックや、美しいアンビエント・トラックがあったりと、正に驚くべき内容の作品で、とにかく言葉にする事が不可能な程メチャクチャかっこいいです!!オリジナルの現物を見た事が無いので分かりませんが、恐らくオリジナル盤を忠実に再現したジャケとなっておりインサートが付属。とにかくあらゆる方に聴いて頂きたい傑作盤。

Tolerance, the duo of Junko Tange and Masami Yoshikawa, was the only group to release two records on the label, of which 1981’s Divin was the second. Divin is a particularly portentous recording, with minimal, bumping electronics propelled by legions of robot drum machines and draped in gauzy ghost shapes. The result is an austere electro-hybrid that fully anticipates much of the minimal electronic threat currently stoking so many boilers. But what really makes Divin stand out from a thousand animated circuit boards is its odd recording quality. The whole thing feels like its broadcast through a thick greyscale fug, the same kind of muzzy distance that that makes the weakest of shortwave broadcasts seem so hopelessly forlorn. Rumour has it that Agi was also the man behind the legendary Voice records, who issued the ultra mysterious Brast Burn and Karuna Khyal records that turned up on the Nurse With Wound list alongside Tolerance themselves and were later reissued by Paradigm. So call Divin another thrilling piece in the puzzle. Highly recommended.

c.patera said...

i'm sharing the 'today's thrill' flexi by tolerance at my blog:

Unknown said...

Any chance this could be re-uploaded?