Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amber Route-Snail Headed Victrolas(1980)+Ghost Tracks(1983),MLPs,USA

California synthesist Walter Holland has commanded a sterling rep--at least in underground circles--for symphonic Teutonica that often comes across as an unholy merger of Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd. Amber Route, Holland's first band before he went solo, released two highly sought-after albums that have become something like cult objects among the electronic/space prog congnescenti. Relic, an offshoot of the Projekt label, has finally committed to the digital domain Amber Route's singular debut.Both Holland and multi-instrumentalist Richard Watson have created a series of perplexing, oddball works that resists easy categorization. Amber Route tilts the axis between organic rock and cosmic space freakout--to often jarring effect. The 16-minute epic "Asteroid Joroid," replete with the smell of burning synthesizers and sounds hijacked from a long-lost Cosmic Jokers session, most significantly reveals this upheaval. A welcome reissue, the disc has been impeccably remastered and boasts a sound that resurrects the group's vinyl-stuck sonic beasties.
These are very strange, very beautiful and very weird, inspired albums.. Unbelievable. It might take a couple of listens to click (or not). Part mid-Seventies Tangerine Dream (especially the last, long instrumental track), part mellower Hawkwind passages, part Gong, part their own unique sound. A shame they only made two records.

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John said...

Jesus Christ! I finally figured it out: you guys have time machines.

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hi guys - FANTASTIC!!! Oh what a sound!!! THANX for these post!!!

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Hello guys - thanx for these FANTASTIC posting - really great stuff!!!

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unbelievably good

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Thank you VERY much!

Anonymous said...

I got my copy directly from Dr. Watson in '84. It was a 45rpm with the English version of (Don't Drink) Lemonade Formaldehyde on one side and the German version on the other.

Sadly, he passed away this past January:

Stathis said...


can you, please, re-post it?

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Efstathiou Stathis

Gerald said...

Please, can you maybe re-upload this post again? Please..

Anonymous said...

If so you'd want the second album to be fixed, as it had skips on it the first time 'round (at least on track 1 - one of only two tracks on 2nd LP I thought were any good - rest is great music!)

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