Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bazooka-À Igor S.,MLP,1982,Netherlands

Here's the 2nd MLP by this short lived (1980-84) group from Netherlands.Minimal synth/experimental music all through.Released in 1982 by Torso label.May i assume that Igor S. stands for Igor Stravinsky?


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fuzztunnel said...

What an amazing album cover. On the strength of that alone I think I must acquire this.


CDM said...

Track listing here:

marc said...

You are absolutely amazing!

In the past two years, I actually posted messages on some of the Magma forums asking anyone if they had this album. I got a tape from my French field Bernard back in 1983, btu I lost it. And, for years, I could not remember the name of this group nor the title of this album.

Thanks very much!

Another request ... there was an album by a French group called Human in the mid 80's .. kind of Art-Zoyd-ish. I actually still have this LP, but I don't have a turntable anymore!

marc said...

More info here:

Morgão said...

Wow--didn't know they had a 2nd record. I picke up their first for $3 a few years back.

Anonymous said...

Bazooka-À Igor S.,MLP,1982,Netherlands
ani chanz ov reup, plz?

Anonymous said...


NO worky