Saturday, March 3, 2007

BUSHIDO - Deliverance ,LP,1985,UK

Mid 80s dark Kraftwerk-ian synth project.Excellent work,would appel to the fans of minimal synth .


Get it Here


musicgnome said...

Geez, gentleman! I can hardly keep up. There a NUMBER of awesome items you just posted (today, alone).

This Bushido item looks particularly intriguing. But all the others (and I've lost count) are similarly amazing. It'll be weeks before I catch up.

(Not that I am complaining, mind you).

SUPERFAN of the Mutant Sounds Blog,

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this!
i searched all local-record shops for this record
couldn't find it :-(
now its here

Anonymous said...

Hey really enjoy your blog, anybody out there have "The Blackearth Perscussion Ensemble-Opus One LP". Much appreciated....

A O W said...

Thanks for posting the Bushido mlp - now I can finally give my vinyl copy the rest it desereved after decades of hard work! The 'Amongst The Ruins' 12inch would make a great post too.
Your blog keeps surprising me every day (and that's the way I enjoy it most), but if you still take requests: do you have PTOSE 'The Swoop' mlp?

Johnny said...

Really enjoying this one, excellent work as always. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

first song skips.

catlebrity said...

This one's great. During one of the songs I thought to myself "I've heard this," then realized I must have had it on one of the counltess tapes I taped off of WNUR, Northwestern University's very "underground" radio station, back in the late 80s. I'd never known who'd done it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i already have this on lp, but thank you !!

Anonymous said...

Link broken--

Rapdidshare has blocked the file.

Anonymous said...

please , could you restore this file ? cheers

Anonymous said...

megaupload is down :(

Vitezslav Sichtar said...

This is one of the most amazing music i have ever listened to!

W. said...

Over at "No Longer Forgotten Music" it says that you have Bushido's "Among the Ruins" 12".

Coud you post a link.

Many thanks,