Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Christian Vander-Vander et Les Trois Jeffs,LP,1973,France(Palm label)

Christian Vander (born February 21, 1948) is a French drummer, musician, and founder of the band Magma, who sing their songs in Kobaïan, his constructed language. Besides his work with Magma, he has also performed solo, with the Christian Vander Trio and Christian Vander Quartet, and in Offering.
Vander was born in Nogent-sur-Marne.
He is known both for his unique songwriting and his virtuosic drumming. His compositions fuse jazz, rock, classical and opera influences, and draw on the work of musicians as diverse as John Coltrane and Carl Orff. Vander's music is broadly classified as Progressive Rock, but the style is so unique that it falls under its own category - an idiosyncratic style of music often referred to by fans as Zeuhl (which means "celestial" in Kobaïan, a language devised by Vander and used exclusively by Magma). There have been several other bands who have incorporated Zeuhl stylings into their compositions, many of which are comprised of ex-Magma members. Some of the more notable groups of this variety include Japanese duo Ruins, Magma offshoot Weidorje and Belgian chamber rock outfit, Univers Zero.
Christian Vander is not the son of the famous French jazz piano player Maurice Vander (who is his father-in-law and was a long time sideman of the French singer Claude Nougaro).
Most of Vander and Magma's recorded work is still available through Vander's own record label, Seventh Records.
From Wikipedia.
As you have probably have seen on the pic sleeve above the 3 Jeffs are:Jeff Saeffer / Jef Catoire / Jef Gilson.This means be prepared for crazed out improvisations!

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Aleksandar said...

Request: Chris Cutler & Lutz Glandien - Domestic Stories PLEASE! Isidora

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, great musical taste and great music!
Keep up the good work! :-)
I was wondering if I can find anything else from Christian Vander and from Magma, I have 1 album from Magma and I like them very much. i will appreciate if someone send me a link where I can find more Magma stuff.
Please contact me on virshla@hotmail.com (I hope leving mu e-mail isn't breaking any rule)
Thanks in advance, and once again, great Blog!

marc said...

Thanks. There are three albums that Vander did on Palm. Les Trois Jefs (this one), Fiesta in Drums and Give the Vibes Some (with Khan Jamal). On Give the Vibes Some, Vander actually used an alias, as he did not want to be given credit for playing on this album.

If you have the other 2 Palm albums, I would be most grateful.

vom_k said...

thanks for this, this blog is really 'magnifique', incredible records here.

i'd like to add another Palm request,

Philippe Mate & Jef Gilson – Workshop

or any Jef Gilson.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much,another gem to
listen,it will be difficult for
me to quit pot.BYE

Anonymous said...

I`m fairly certain this part ("Christian Vander is not the son of the famous French jazz piano player Maurice Vander (who is his father-in-law") is in-correct, and that he was actually Christian`s step-father. Besides...Why would he have the same surname as his father-in-law ?

someone ask Peter Thelen (or some other Magmoid authority figure)


mplack_aout said...

really good music!
thanks for all this great blog.
thanks "god" maybe!

marc is this what you looking for... Christian Vanders
Fiesta in Drums (1973)

get it here http://plaka-plaka.blogspot.com

Hanimex 3000 said...

in fact the session that gave this record wasn't supposed to be released (it's been recorded in '69). This LP and the two aforementioned albums are studio works made by Gilson for his own label Palm without telling Vander (who obtained to hide the picture by this red banner.
Check out this link for the complete story:


don't have time to translate for you guys, but it shouldn't be too difficult...


Solomon said...

Thank you.

al66 said...

Mediafire link for this album: