Saturday, March 31, 2007

Evil Edna's Horror Toilet - Too much Gristle in the Blancmange,tape,1986,UK

Here's another Ozric Tentacles offshot from 1986.Total psych/space weirdness.A real must!

get it here


Dan said...

Anyone have a track listing for this? I can only read about half of the insert due to the really low resolution.

RisingRunner said...

I'm not a big fan of the Ozric's - a little goes a long way with me. But with a title like that - I've gotta give it a listen!

Curious Guy said...

This is what I made out of the titles:
1. Eastern Men
2. Warrior Dub
3. Monad
4. We Have A Mushroom Cloud
5. Ferdetha
6. Omné
7. Turkey Dinner
8. Lend Me A Fiver
9. Floating In The Overflow
10. Mama Redstripe

Anonymous said...

Wow, never thought I'd see/hear this again!!!
I have three of The Ullulators tapes around here somewhere - if anyone's interested I can post them.

Anonymous said...

This is great, I'd love to get more.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this one and Wooden Baby's tapes are really nice. Thanks.

aE3 said...

track listing above is nearly correct except :
4. We Have A Mushroom
5. Ferbetha

Will ask a mate to scan the cover & up a big version

Gilbert Chunks said...

Just stumbled across this, what a wonderful surprise!

Many thanks for the upload :)

Gilbert Chunks said...

Just stumbld across this, what a wonderful surprise!

Many thanks for the upload :)

InvisibleZedo said...

I think 4. is "We Have A Mushroom Cloud" and 3. is "MO-AD".

Yiannis said...

Ullulators, yes please :-)

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff
If anyone knows links for Ullulators
tapes I'd be eternally grateful

Anonymous said...

weird to find my post here.
It looks like someone is ...

Well well!

Anonymous said...

Found 128 mp3's of this on Soulseek a while back, man there's loads of hiss but you can still feel the tracks....
Absolutely love this , lost my tape copy years ago, very pleased to have found it again.
Any idea where I can find copies or CDR's of the Ullulators....??

vishangro said...

Many thanks, looking forward to listening to this.
Do you have The Oroonies 'The Whale & The Wind' or Hiraethog 'Nail It To The Ceiling And Vout It Out' it's another Ozric's off shoot.